Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Android can work as a “desktop” operating system – Overclockers.ru

Employees publication Ars Technica протестировали Android operating system in the form of its use as a desktop. As a “donor” was used Nexus tablet 9 and USB-hub. As it turned out, the system is very good support for the mouse and keyboard in wired and wireless (via Bluetooth) versions.



The experts found that Android allows you to correctly change the speed of movement of the cursor, select text, use familiar shortcut keys on the external keyboard and so on. In particular, work shortcuts Ctrl + X, C, V, Z, Y, in Chrome, you can use Ctrl + N, Ctrl + W, Ctrl + Tab, and Alt + Tab to switch windows.


Of course, there are drawbacks. For example, a running application occupies the entire screen (Multi expected only in the Android N), there are other problems associated with it features touch-control system.


It is important to note that there was a special assembly Android, which is more “sharpened” under a desk job. It added to the system tray, analogue of “Start”, the taskbar, and so on. This is supported by multiple windows, there is a file manager and the ability to put the program from Google Play.


Note that this is not the only such a decision. There are unofficial versions for Android and x86-architecture.


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