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The new version of Sberbank Online for Android – RIA Novosti

Mobile Applications “Savings line” is used by several million people: pay for services, make orders, manage their money in a convenient form. In fact, a bank in your pocket – everything is clear and understandable, but at the same time serious and formal. What if mobile banking will become a little more human, and will even greet you by name?

materializes it

For mobile devices running Android® launched a new version of the popular mobile application “Sberbank Online” . The team of the bank has changed the philosophy of the application on Material Design *, created by Google®. As a result, there was an application that “communicates” with the user at a new visual language. “We are interested in the transition to Material Design because it is not just another design, a completely new approach to presenting information. We have tried to turn the mobile app to a friend who” pats on the shoulder, “as a sign of approval,” shares the emotions “of the owner. It is” communication “with the program on the other, we can say more human level,” – says the art director of digital products the bank’s management XXI Sberbank Dmitry Shcheglov.

Savings line became material

The new application uses the basic principles of Material Design – concept presented by Google in the past year. With her “Savings line” for devices on the Android platform has become easier, more beautiful and more comfortable. Users literally “talk” to the interface, a feeling of working with real tangible objects, which corresponds to the idea of ​​Material Design.

It is observed in everything – whether it’s searching for an ATM, money transfer or payment services. Starting in March 2015, a full-featured version of the mobile application “Savings line” for Android quickly became popular, customers appreciate the simplicity of the program, that with each successive updates are better.

Positive changes

In Team Mobile Applications Savings Bank had a goal to create easy-to-application, which can be controlled at the level of intuition. And it turned out – from renovation smooth navigation and friendly colors in soft tones. Google’s experts praised the mobile application “Savings line” on the concept of material design. According to the Business Development Manager for Google Play® Alexei Kokin, the new version makes full use of the main ideas Material Design – three-dimensional surfaces, shadows, realistic animation, and rich colors. In combination with the approach of the Savings Bank, based on positive emotions, it creates a simple, easy and enjoyable user experience with banking services on your phone. “Banking sector is traditionally conservative relates to mobile innovation, and we are particularly pleased to see that one of the largest banks in the country creates a product that can not only make life easier for the millions (more than 5 million active users of the application Savings Online for Android), but may become bright embodiment of the concept of Material Design for the banking sector “, – says the expert Google.

It is important that, despite the significant changes, the structure of the program remains the same. Inside, everything is “at home” – it is clear and in place. Sections with information about accounts and cards, tabs available operations targeted accumulation and analysis of financial, avtoplatezhi and other activities are located where users are accustomed to see them. Popular search function is the nearest branch or ATM is now able to plot a route, and service “goal” was the visualization – save nicer if you load an image in the dream application. By the way, the dynamic interface “understands” the primary color images and to adjust to the field, and he Fonts tab with red sports car will be different from the turquoise hues of the screen with a sea view next vacation. So they can do all the sections when the user adds a picture of “Savings line” “talk” the same language, and even in familiar colors. For those who prefer to solve the financial problems in the early morning or at night, the application will substitute the appropriate time of day decoration and nice greeting.

Beauty does not always require the victims

Animated elements in the new version of the mobile application It is given a greater role. When you access the menu, the user receives an appropriate response – defiant wink, blossoming patterns, or star, which “falls right in your pocket.” What is not a reason to make a wish? And for the safety of Finance from fraudsters responsible built antivirus which significantly enhances the safety of operations online **. This innovation of the Savings Bank has been praised by international experts and a prestigious award from Global Finance in 2015 in the category “Information Security Initiative” ***. An updated version – is not just a change in design and extra features, this is a different approach to “communicate with the money,” binding to the emotions and good mood.

Download the updated application “Savings line” for Android for free on Google Play.

* Material Design
** Subject to user security.
*** Details link

Mobile application “Sberbank Online “is available to all customers – holders of international bank cards Savings Bank (except for corporate cards, Sberbank-Maestro and Sberbank-Maestro” social “Volga and North-Western Bank of Sberbank issued until 01.10.2013), connected to the SMS service” Mobile bank”. Use the mobile application “Savings line” is possible with Internet access. Mobile application “Savings line” is available for free download in the app store for use on mobile devices, iPhone®, iPad® (are trademarks of Apple Inc, registered in the US and other countries) and mobile platforms Android® (a registered trademark of Google Inc .), Windows Phone® (a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation). Google, Google Play are trademarks of Google Inc.

With respect to information products without age restrictions. For more information about the online services of the Savings Bank, and other services specified in the Bank’s website, in the office or on the phone 8800555 55 50 Information on safety measures the use of bank cards, internet banking and mobile application “Sberbank Online” You can find the link. Terms and conditions are valid from 12.23.2015.

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