Thursday, December 17, 2015

A quarter of Android-smartphone 2016 release will have 3D Touch – (Registration) (Blog)

not the iPhone one

The smart clock Apple Watch implemented technology of pressure sensitivity Force Touch, smartphones and iPhone 6s and 6s Plus – 3D Touch. Similar solutions, many electronics manufacturers are preparing for the flagship models, and for the gadgets the middle price range.

New gestures

The DigiTimes notes that in 2016 the delivery of displays that recognize the power of clicking on the screen will make 461 million. units – an increase, so will be 317%. The functionality of these components allow to use and familiar gestures (tap, swipe, increase and decrease of the fingers), and gestures Peek (used for previews) and Pop (open content) introduced Apple.

Who was the first?

According to analysts, one of the first smartphone with support for this technology will be Samsung Galaxy S7. Developed and already patented his embodiment of the 3D Touch and Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi, but it is possible that he decides to use gadgets ready solution from Synaptics.


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