Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Video Editor Adobe Premiere came on Android – BBC News

Adobe has released Android-powered device to a new application Premiere Clip – “lite” version of the popular video editor Premiere Pro CC PC. Functions at the mobile companion are the same as in the iOS-version: Users can be on the move to glue the video track of the different clips, delete unwanted parts, adjust the lighting, add audio, transitions and different effects.

Also, owners of Android-smartphone and tablets available function Sync to Music, which automatically imposes a music video, adjusting the action taking place in it the rhythm of the soundtrack. As the audio tracks you can choose built-in tracks, or import your own playlist. Another feature Premiere Clip – function “smart volume”, which automatically equalizes the sound, smoothing out fluctuations in volume level between the clips.

Mobile analogue can not boast of such an abundance of professional tools, as the desktop version of Premiere Pro CC, but its capacity is sufficient for the initial treatment. Pomio other things, the program lets you create slide shows from photos, to mute the sound at the time of the dialogue and apply the effect that simulates the slow motion.

At the end of work on a video clip, you can export in Premiere Pro CC, send to Twitter, Facebook or YouTube. New available on Google Play for free, no built-in purchase.

Source: Adobe Premiere Clip (Google Play)


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