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Choose application-shopping list for android-devices “Kauri Goods”, “Buy Baton,” “shopping list” and summarizing –





How often do you go to the store to shop? I am sure that often. Even if zatarivatsya them in full every two weeks, the attacks of bread, milk and other perishable products has not been canceled.

But all the products are usually difficult to remember, so in the course are different notebook and shopping lists. But we are the people advanced, in our hands and we need smart innovative application enables you to record purchases.

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That such assistants will be devoted to the review. Despite the fact that a lot of them, we have selected only the most interesting and high quality, which are and will be the story.

«Kauri Goods” – a very unusual program to make purchases that can “tell” all about the product and to accompany to the place of purchase. “Buy Baton” is quite classic list provides synchronization between devices. A “shopping list” developed Maloii – elegant but simple notepad-list with the possibility of sending those same lists.

As the test equipment used tablet Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 (CM 12.1 on the basis of OC Android 5.1, the runtime ART, processor TI OMAP 4430 2 x 1200 MHz videosoprotsessor PowerVR 540 384 MHz, 1 GB RAM ) and smartphone Xiaomi Redmi Note (Miui V7 at OC Android 4.4.2, the runtime Dalvik, processor MediaTek MT6592, an 8 x 1700 MHz, videosoprotsessor Mali-450 MP4 700MHz, 2GB RAM).

«Kauri Goods»


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What is a typical shopping list? Uninformative piece of paper on which is written a list of goods. Now imagine that it has full information about all planned purchases, including the value of goods, the place of purchase, information about the quality and much more. Cool? All this may free mobile application “Kauri goods.”


The benefits of application “Kauri goods”:

  • A huge database of products. More than 25 million items in all categories – from food and cosmetics to medicines, books, computers and household appliances.

  • Current prices and fair description. For information on products and prices we get from both the manufacturers and stores, as well as from customers.

  • Simultaneous editing lists. The list and cross out the goods purchased in real-time together with family and friends.

  • Routes. The application is built for you the best route to the store to choose products On Yandex.Maps, Google Maps or Apple Maps.

  • User Rating. Reputation user to determine which of the reviews you can trust.

  • List of “I want to present.” Let your friends know that you want to get a gift.

  • Comprehensive information on this product. The composition, volume, caloric content, nutritional value of food – everything that is important for the followers of a healthy lifestyle. Information about the author, publisher, edition of the book, the technical characteristics of computers, consumer electronics, and other attributes that help make an informed choice.

Getting Started


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Once run “Kauri Goods” we need to go through a brief registration, to be precise – to log into your account through any popular social network or email.

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Once we get to the main screen, where we can go directly to the product search and barcode scanning. Search products – this is understandable, but why do we need a bar code for the product? Just the same search for the title.

We do not knowingly have begun consideration of the application with the assistants was Kaypu. The fact is that this innovative program, which is represented not only a simple text list of products, but also a witch interesting features. One of them – the addition of goods by scanning the original code.

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How did this happen? We take up the smartphone and scan the bar code present in the fridge pack of milk, after which it falls into the shopping list. By the way, to quickly launch the scanner provides a simple and beautiful widget.

So we will not have to manually enter the product name, brand, volume or quantity, because all it will be written in our list. Miracle? No, modern technology and a huge database of products Kauri.

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When you add a product to your shopping list, we see not only the name but also all the necessary information, such as BZHU or similar goods. It is supplemented by pictures, photographs and even user reviews. So you’ll be able to know the quality of goods and, of course, express their opinion on a particular product.

What is important, adding the goods we see its value in a particular store (and subsequently the approximate cost of going to the store). With this feature you can actually save money on the purchase of products.

Our review – is the text information, but the video shown at the beginning, presents a vivid process of drawing up a shopping list, submitted by developers.

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But we will not go from the main theme – drawing up a list of purchases. To do this, go to the leftmost tab, create a list of products and to make the necessary goods. To do this, you can simply enter a name and number, or use a barcode scanner and choose products from a database.

If you’re a family man, the “Kauri goods” can be contacted at their home, send their lists of goods and edit them. This is an interesting and useful feature. And because each product has a picture, you buy exactly what you need and avoid unnecessary talk about their carelessness. Yes, I hope you understand what is at stake.

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By the way, for popular products is “Favorites”, and desired to have an interesting category – “I want to present.” The “Kauri Goods” very deep social integration, and this list will see all of your friends, so you have the opportunity to receive for the holidays are not trinkets and desired.

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In another application Kaypu can search for the nearest shops and pave the routes to them, which is convenient. And besides – to view the desired products of their friends, buying other users added products, reviews, products a month and more. Ironically, it is not only useful, but also very interesting.



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In the parameters “Kauri Goods» We can customize all personal information and adjust the privacy settings, notifications – alerts and other minor settings.

Special attention should configure traffic, which allows you to disable the loading of icons and photos via the mobile network. Like it or not, but it is a useful and necessary function.



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In spite of the abundance of features and options, personally I have no problems with the application. By the way, “Kauri goods” requires OC Android 4.1 and newer, as well as 50 MB of RAM.



«Kauri Goods” – a real revolution in the field of application for the shopping list. The program allows you not only to write the usual lists of goods. She knows almost everything that is related to the purchase of goods. The list can be manually or by scanning the bar codes have already purchased products, then adjust and share lists with other people in the household.

Once in the program more than 25 million products every available information, there are photos and reviews of real customers. In addition, given the city’s shops, and the list of products provided, and even the cost, which will save on the purchase of products. Everything else “Kauri Goods” also is a free application, although it does have advertising, which can not be disabled.

By the way, “Kauri Goods” exists not only for OC Android, but for iOS.

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Skachat “Kauri Goods” for android-devices from Google Play

Download “Kauri Goods” to Apple-devices from the App Store

Developer Kaypu.
Cost Free.
Requirements For OC Android 4.1, iOS 7 or later.


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