Monday, December 7, 2015

New ICQ for Android received two unique features – Mail.Ru

Preview camera and erasing history

The new version of ICQ for Android now has a preview image from the front of the camera before making the video. Girls got the answer to the eternal question: “How do I look?” But guys – the function of checking the status webcam.

In addition, the added function of deletion, the history of correspondence with a specific user. The data are erased not only the application, but also from the server, and then the conversation can start with a clean slate.

Interface Changes

developers have placed the call button inside the dialog box – you can immediately call in and comment on reports submitted by chatting. Updated animation simplified monitoring network logon user from the contact list.


Optimization of the messenger as a whole significantly increased the speed of his work. New loading mechanism expedite files: So, now video compression before the transfer starts and continues in parallel with it.

Finally, on ICQ for Android, new enlarged Emoji, which are easier to use in the chat. Download the app is already possible in the Google Play.


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