Monday, December 14, 2015

“Yandex” has released a shell for Android –

Yandex Launcher

«Yandex” was released in Russian launcher (shell) for Android-smartphone Yandex Launcher. It can be downloaded from Google Play. In October 2015 launcher as an experiment appeared in Brazil, Mexico and some other Latin American countries.

Home screen

Yandex Launcher – a graphical shell, which includes a multi-home screen, menus, applications, customizable widgets with clock and weather settings. On the main Home screen is located at the top of the search string, it refers to the most popular search engine in the country of residence (eg, “Yandex” in Russia, and Google in the US).

When you click on a line screen appears, on which there are the most commonly used application shortcuts, websites and contacts. The search is performed by multiple sources – the Internet, local storage, Google Play.


The new launcher “Yandex” allows you to select the background color for each folder with shortcuts applications. When you open a folder item appears at the bottom of the display similar programs from Google Play. Show this item can be turned off, but this must be done separately for each folder. Recommendations will be at everyone – they are drawn up taking into account the interests of the user, told the “Yandex”.

Yandex Launcher

When you install Yandex Launcher application asks whether the user wants to save the location of the shortcuts and folders on the home screen or set it up again and willing to leave the current background, or choose a new one.

To turn the pages of the home screen you can select one of several available visual effects are standard for Android-launcher in general.

«smart” sorting

The application menu has a function automatically sort programs by type (labels are divided into tabs with the appropriate name). In addition, there is a sorting function application icons on their color.


The “Yandex” has another launcher for Android – «Yandeks.Shell.” He was released in 2012, and currently does not develop. The new launcher has been developed taking into account the experience of Shell, tells CNews the representative of “Yandex» Catherine Karnauhova . “The current product to better reflect our ideas of what should be the shell for Android. If you try to install a new launcher, you’ll see how different these two products: functionality, design, monetization scheme, “- she explained.

According to Catherine Karnaukhova, the only way to monetize the new launcher – it is the recommendation of users of Android-applications used to promote affiliate programs pay.


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