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Apple and Android do not give up – Economy News

Print The outcome of yesterday’s meeting of the European Central Bank can be described by one word – disappointing. All investors suddenly cried out in unison – we expected more! And then he started an orgy in the euro – the dollar, which spread to the bond market, which in turn has pushed down stock markets. Bulk sale of dollar assets was very impressive. As a result, all the indexes flew down to 1.5% or more, and at the sectoral level, the collapse in some places even exceeded 2% (health, medicine and biotechnology).


turnovers while were 20-30% higher than normal. Only a few stocks were in positive territory. Of those that are traded on the St. Petersburg stock exchange should first allocate shares of Tesla Motors (TSLA), which rose 0.31%. This happened largely because of the information that Tesla has signed the first major agreement on the wholesale supply of its batteries Powerwall now Green Mountain Power, which deals with public utilities and maintenance of private homes.

At the auction of foreign shares on the St. Petersburg Stock Exchange Thursday 3 December was a day set a record in terms of turnover, which reached $ 3.5 million. There were concluded 1532 transactions with the shares of 55 issuers. The greatest demand shares of the company Johnson & amp; Johnson (JNJ), the turnover of which totaled nearly $ 1.1 million, as well as shares Facebook (FB) c a turnover of $ 988 thousand., Said the organizer of trading.

Apple and Android are not going to surrender to the Chinese. As in China, more and more growth in the economy is slowing, and slowing the pace of growth in the supply of smartphones. Published data show that the growth rate of shipments of smart phones for the first time can be reduced in 2015 below the level of 10%. International shipments are expected to grow by 9.8% this year and reach 1.43 billion units.

Of course, on such a capacious market is a serious struggle between suppliers of mobile operating systems iOS from Apple (AAPL) and Android by Alphabet inc. (GOOG). According to analysts, the mobile operating system Android to slightly increase its global market share – from 81% to 82%. It will happen, despite stiff competition from Chinese newcomers, such as for example Xiaomi. The share of Apple’s iOS is expected to remain roughly at around 14 -15%.

After yesterday reinforced the sales it is time to stop. Fortunately, neither Janet Yellen nor Mario Draghi will not continue to “nightmare” markets. Therefore, all participants’ attention will be focused on macro-economic statistics, namely, the data on unemployment. Today’s data will be the last before the crucial FOMC meeting the Fed, which will take place 15 – 16 December and which will be decided the fate of interest rates. Data on unemployment should be expected good, but the life we ​​recently presents a lot of surprises. So, of course, we must be alert! Well at least that all the statistics out at 16:30 MSK, that is, before the start of trading, and participants will have the moral (and perhaps financially!) To prepare for any eventuality. Besides statistics still have to keep your mind and today’s meeting of the OPEC countries, which will be determined by the fate of the oil. Although it seems it has been determined and its immediate future is unenviable.

And yet today there is some reason to believe that is temporarily downhill end and the market will take a little breather. Well, at least before the weekend! Therefore, the likely outcome of today’s trading – a small corrective gains within 0.5%.

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