Thursday, December 17, 2015

Android 6.1 can go out in June 2016 –

Despite the fact that yet Android 6.0 Marshmallow received only a few smartphones and tablets, developers are already working on version 6.1. It will be called Marshmallow. At the same time it is unclear whether the version, code-named Android N was renamed and now has the number 6.0.1, or whether it is still different updates and Android N just come later.



Whatever it was, in version 6.1, the developers promise improved safety and the closure of the detected flaws. In part, they were eliminated in 6.0.1, although it seems that not completely. As it turned out, overlay windows can hide or display the launch of an application on a smartphone or tablet running the malicious code. How it will be solved – not yet reported. It is assumed that Android 6.1 Marshmallow will be officially unveiled in June 2016 at the conference Google I / O.


As for Android N, then it is expected to appear native support for multi-window mode (currently implemented by third-party applications from the developers of devices), as well as the possible support of analog 3D Touch – technology that monitors press on the screen and react accordingly. Technically, these screens are already in some smart phones in China, but so far there is no full-fledged native application support, which is why it is necessary to implement third-party programs.


Android N release dates are not announced even insiders, although it is possible that he will also appear in 2016.


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