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Select meteoservis for android-devices: Yandeks.Pogoda, Gismeteo, GO Weather EX and Yahoo Weather –





In today’s world, a person can control everything: their fate, business, relationships, career and other things beside. But there is one obstacle that is able to prevent all plans – is the weather. If we had planned to walk, you can go start the shower or storm that prevented the implementation of the plan. To prevent this, and there meteoservisy and various weather application. As you may have guessed, this cycle is dedicated to clarify which of them is better.

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Let’s start with the four most popular programs for viewing weather. First we will evaluate the application “Yandeks.Pogoda”, which is specially adapted for people in Russia and CIS countries. Next, we consider a very accurate service and a couple of applications Gismeteo – «mercantile» GO Weather EX and beautiful Yahoo.

Do not despair if you can not find your service in the list of test programs. We may consider it in the next part of the review.

As the test equipment used tablet Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 (CM 12.1 on the basis of OC Android 5.1, the runtime ART, processor TI OMAP 4430 2 x 1200 MHz videosoprotsessor PowerVR 540 384 MHz, 1 GB RAM ) and smartphone Xiaomi Redmi Note (Miui V7 at OC Android 4.4.2, the runtime Dalvik, processor MediaTek MT6592, an 8 x 1700 MHz, videosoprotsessor Mali-450 MP4 700MHz, 2GB RAM).



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It has long been no surprise that application Yandex is well adapted for the domestic market. That’s considered meteoservisy we start with “Yandeks.Pogody.” In its most utilitarian principle of the application, but it serves the main purpose – showing the meteorological conditions.

The benefits of application “Yandeks.Pogoda”:

  • Get the forecast for the whole of the city, a separate area, metro station, or a specific address;

  • Add the place, the weather in which you are interested. The list can be edited;

  • Slide the screen to the right to learn about wind speed and direction, pressure, humidity, time of sunrise and sunset;

  • Choose from three sizes of widgets (2 x 1, 4 x 1 and 4 x 2);

  • Report Yandex weather – collect statistics will be used to refine the forecast.

Getting Started


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The main application screen “Yandeks.Pogoda” is presented in the form of a large weather icons for the day and a list of weather ten days in advance. We can find out information about precipitation and temperature conditions in the next few days and at different times of the day.

But first and foremost we are interested in large weather icon. It is possible to see the temperature, and if you make a swipe to the right, it opens more information about the wind, humidity, pressure and sunrise / sunset. Provided the key “Weather Report”, but about this feature we describe below.

An interesting point – if you make a swipe to the left, you can view the description of the weather on each hour. Additionally, all elegantly illustrated, and is fully consistent graphic style Material Design of Google.

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It is necessary to hold your finger from the left edge of the screen to the right and in front of us there is an additional menu. On it we can derive information about the weather in cities of interest to us to instantly switch between them. Here there are two options: “Settings” and already mentioned above, “Report on the weather.”

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What does the last paragraph? In Yandex has a special service – “Meteum”, who has been studying and forecasting the weather. To do this, scientists need information on local providers of weather, from the World Meteorological Organization, and our data.

With this information, Yandex can more accurately forecast the weather, “up to the house,” as stated in the description. And we need to do only a select one of six weather icons.

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Another “Yandeks.Pogoda” contains three widget sizes are 2 x 1, 4 x 4 x 1 and 2. Each of these displays information about current weather conditions, as well as more detailed information, but their number depends on the size of of the widget. There are two themes, in addition you can customize the transparency and update period.

The only thing I was disappointed in the annex – advertising. Yes, the application is free and on an advertising banner can not escape. But he kept hanging on the main screen, even at the very bottom. And blinking, thus distracting us from the basic information.



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Setting the “Yandeks.Pogody” as simple as possible. We can change the unit of temperature, wind and pressure. This, basically, everything but the developers added the parameters of widgets that can be corrected after the placement of the graphics module (topic, transparency and renewal).



Yandeks.Pogoda – classic weather application that terse, but nice and fulfilling its primary purpose. From the distinctive moments mention the indication of weather according to the location and our support for widgets.

In general, the program is good and provides accurate information about the weather, but advertising on the main screen is very intrusive, and a paid version without it does not exist.

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Skachat “Yandeks.Pogoda»
for android-devices
from Google Play


Developer Yandex.
Cost Free.
Requirements For OC Android 4.0 and later.


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