Friday, December 11, 2015

Android will feature, which two years is in the Windows-plates –

Support multi

In the next version of Android – codenamed Android N – Google plans to implement full support for multi-window: the ability to open next to each other and two applications working with them. Speeches about lots of windows does not go.

The fact that work on the new feature “is in full swing,” said site Reddit is one of the team members that developed the tablet Pixel C. He introduced himself as a Andrew (Andrew).

More Details

Andrew added that all future devices Google, since Nexus 6P and 5X, Chromebook Pixel Pixel C, and will be equipped with a standard connector USB-C.

in the multi Android 6.0

Experimental support for multi-Google has implemented in the latest version of Android 6.0 Marshmallow. To enable it, you must get the root access to the system and change the configuration file.

On Android will be full support for multi

The need for a new mode

during multi demand on the tablet Pixel C. This is the first branded tablet Google, equipped with a large enough screen – 10.2 inches. The unit is focused on work tasks, as indicated by the fact that the company is promoting new product with an optional accessory – a keyboard with a magnetic latch. If your tablet has support for multiple windows, use them in their work would be more convenient.

in a multi-iPad and Surface

iPad Pro 12.9-inch screen Apple supports the ability to open next to each other two applications. This feature has been implemented in the latest version of iOS – iOS 9. She was released in September 2015. In turn, the tablet Surface Microsoft Windows-based allows you to open up to four application windows. This feature first appeared in Windows 8.1, which was released in 2013.

The term of release Android 7.0

One and a half months ago, released version Android 6.0. Given that Google releases new Android once a year, the version of Android 7.0 should be expected at the end of 2016 At the same time it can be presented at the conference Google I / O in May 2016 g of.


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