Friday, February 20, 2015

Virus for Android taught to work even on off smartphone – Russian newspaper

Experts AVG antivirus company reported the discovery of new malware for Android, which is able to continue to operate even after turning off your smartphone.

Thanks to the built interceptor virus data is embedded in the shutdown process that starts when you press the mute button, and then shows on the display, and images showing is turned off.

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In addition, the app makes it so that the smartphone does not respond to button presses and no noise that is, looks like turning off the machine.

At the same time, ostensibly disconnected smartphone becomes in fact a spy device – it is able to take pictures with the camera, record sounds, send messages completely unnoticed by the owner. Experts point out that the victims of the virus may be just the owners of smartphones based on Android Lollipop, have incorporated root-access. Devices with standard factory settings are not affected by the infection.

The virus-spy has attacked more than ten thousand smartphones mainly in China, where it is distributed through unofficial app stores for Android. AVG advises users who do not want to be targeted for surveillance, the reliability of removing the battery from the phone when it is turned off.


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