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Google believes that the threat is Xiaomi Android – 3DNews

The Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi is one of the fastest growing technology companies in the world and in the future can be a big threat for Google. The range of machines Mi is very popular in China and allowed Xiaomi on the market to circumvent Samsung, becoming the most influential brand.

Chapter Xiaomi Lei Jun, photos Bloomberg.

Chapter Xiaomi Lei Jun, photos Bloomberg.

But Google is not worried about its own smartphone – employees believe that Xiaomi can create difficulties for Android, as encourages users to switch to alternative services and applications instead of the standard from Google. For example, Xiaomi already developing its own application store owners and offers a Chinese smartphone app to search for various retail products.

Although the profit Xiaomi of policy initiatives is still insignificant, but applications are only available in China, the company plans to broaden these services and the international market. If this happens, Google will have problems. The search giant manufacturers need Android-devices to promote their own applications and services (Google Drive, Gmail, Google Maps and so on), icons call which is usually placed in prominent places of the home screen. Google is constantly tightening the requirements for pre-installation of its software on Android-phones, citing the fight against Fragmentation.

It is interesting that, according to Strategy Analytics by 2013, one on Android Samsung earned more than Google. But since Google applications and services are present on all devices Android, it allows you to bind users to products like Search or Gmail. And because the search giant concerns regarding policy initiatives companies like Xiaomi, seeking to replace Google offers its own, quite clear.

Even today Xiaomi behave more independently in comparison with many other partners Google. For example, users at first launch the device is prompted to enter your account information Mi, rather than an account Google. Xiaomi also accommodates standard core Google apps like YouTube and Google Drive on the home screen, and transfers them to a secondary screen. Even the store Google Play imposed on the main screen only on Android-powered devices Xiaomi, sold outside China. If the trend continues, Google will have a new headache.

The former top manager of the division Google Android Hugo Barra (Hugo Barra), who joined in the Xiaomi in October 2013


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