Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Google: Android users are free to choose applications and services – RIA Novosti

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MOSCOW, February 18 – RIA Novosti / Prime. Google has said that users of devices with Android operating system itself can choose which services and applications to use, and the company does not comment on the appeal “Yandex” the Federal Antimonopoly Service, told RIA Novosti Russian office of Google.

“We can not comment on the complaint, which we have not seen. As for the platform Android, we can say that users always have the choice of which applications and services are used on devices Android “, – the company said.

” Yandex “on Wednesday asked Google to check FAS violation of antitrust the laws of the Russian Federation. According to “Yandex” problem use by Google of its unique position in the field of mobile operating systems to promote unrelated to operating system services is discussed for a long time. Google owns operating system Android, which operates most of the mobile devices in the world.

In the FAS RIA Novosti said that the Office has received an application from “Yandex” to conduct the examination of Google for violations of Russian antimonopoly law, the decision will be made within a month.

Access to key platform components in particular – to the app store Google Play, without which it is practically impossible to sell the device on Android, manufacturers can obtain only under Google, as a result, Google can put any restrictions – until the ban on cooperation with competing services, the report said, “Yandex”.

According to a Russian company that manufacturers should have a choice – a search will default on their smartphones and tablets, and what services they pre-install. Installation services for users should not be connected with the provision of Google Mobile Services and Google Play.


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