Monday, February 16, 2015

Android-users “VKontakte” complained empty posts from 1970 –

Members of the official application “VKontakte” for Android reported by returning null null and errors, leading to the closure of the mobile client. Splash complaints observed after upgrading from 9 February 2015.

The error causes the empty posts by null null in the dialogues. Attempt to open it leads to the completion of mobile applications. Some users of the social network after an emergency shutdown notice the loss of other dialogues.

Members of social networks suggest a viral origin of the error, but it has already denied the spokesperson of the “VKontakte” George Lobushkin. “The problem occurs when accessing the server through a slow mobile internet. Correction of an error it is difficult and rare that it is almost impossible to reproduce. But development department is already looking for a solution, “- he said.

The representative of the social network said that for the first time encountered such a mistake just now. However, the search revealed that users of the mobile version of the official application “VKontakte” for Android already complained of similar symptoms in the autumn of 2014. In late January 2015 about a similar behavior of the beta testers reported unofficial mobile client Candy. In some cases, a message from null null appeared after removal of the dialogue.

Nick null null user name is “default” when neither a name nor the name of, and January 1, 1970 – is the date on which calculus being the so-called UNIX-time, sometimes also called “computer time».


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