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Choose a file manager for android-devices: results review 10 applications –





This article is dedicated to the file manager for Android, will be the final, which means it’s time to sum up. In general, we have considered nine applications can be divided into three categories: classical programs ported from the PC-version, multi-purpose processors and “tiny” file managers, takes up little space and less resource-intensive devices.

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Here is the list in alphabetical order:

  • AndroZip;

  • ES File Explorer ;

  • Far on Droid ;

  • File Manager (Cheetah Mobile) ;

  • Fo File Manager ;

  • PowerGrasp;

  • Root Explorer ;

  • Total Commander ;

  • X-plore File Manager .


So what of the managers most optimal ratio performance / memory consumption? What application can come as an experienced user or just a layman? Or it may not need to “invent the wheel”, if I may use the system file manager? Let’s try to answer all these questions, but first we summarize the advantages and disadvantages of each.

Category number 1: the familiar interface and excellent functionality


Total Commander

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We have before us the familiar Total Commander as a management interface, and so on and loaded plugins. The latest decision is very convenient, because if you are on a network connection, then load the LAN-plugin does not make sense. Meanwhile, the program offers work on FTP-network and cloud storage, and can work with archives and open the txt-files in its own viewer.

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Program is not alien to the possibility of root-rights, the full set of options to wor k with file system, as well as self-change file extensions. The disadvantage is very much self-control, at the same time to mark a specific file must have a certain accuracy. But for that we love and Total Commander, so this program is designed for those who want to know and at the same time a lot of opportunities with moderate appetite file manager. The only pity is no color highlighting certain categories of files, as implemented in the PC-version.

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Far on Droid

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The same TC program, but similar to it? Here implemented a familiar interface, management and light weight, but the program is clearly not so polished developer than Total Commander. It is worth noting that this difference is also evident in the PC-version.

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In any case, you expect good speed archiver that supports file extensions are rare. Not without its work with FTP, cloud storage and LAN. It is also worth noting the fact that some “forbidden” operations program does not require root-rights. In general, all those who are nostalgic for the good old Far dedicated.

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Root Explorer

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The application is built for all users who have rights root, which gives access to the entire file system Android. Features include support for multiple tabs and cloud services. There is a built-in text editor. Also, the application creates and unpacks ZIP- or tar / GZIP and RAR-archives, support, execute scripts, search, remount, permissions. In gener al, all that is necessary to anyone who wants to turn the “brains» Android upside down, so when working with the program have to be careful.

400x300 48 KB. Big one: 1024x768 129 KB

400x300 47 KB. Big one: 1024x768 139 KB

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disappointing, of course, no two pane view and quite “dry” setting, b ut it functions the same envied Total Commander and Far on Droid, because these “guys” are obliged to do root-law demanded. Add to this a fairly user-friendly interface and get a great app for sophisticated file system in Android users.


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