Thursday, February 26, 2015

Overview iA Writer for Android, entirely written in the smartphone – BBC News

Mobile devices are still rarely perceived by users as a tool for solving typical “office” tasks like typing, editing, spreadsheets or presentations. However, the developers do not lower the arms and continue to improve their application, as well as releasing new.

The day before there was Google Play Android-version of the popular long on Apple devices minimalist text editor iA Writer. At the time, its developers have argued that the development of a mobile platform, Google is not worth it – work must invest many times more than when writing iOS – programs, and to pay for the software owners of Android-devices are not accustomed. However, times are changing, and iA Writer yet decided to release to the most massive in the world of mobile platforms.

The program allows you to create and edit simple text files, storing them in a memory device, and connect the account in the” cloud “Dropbox and work with files from there. iA Writer of principle (“so as not to distract you from the main thing – writing text”) does not allow to change the font of the text or visual design. In this case, the formatting is available via Markdown-marking, allowing then convert the file to a PC ready for publication in a blog or a HTML-code different format.

Personally, for me as a journalist iA Writer for Mac is the main working tool . So that by the Android-version I in a good way biased, from my point of view it (in conjunction with Dropbox) the best possible way to do on the fly drafts of text notes, not on what not distracted and thinking only of text. According to the results of a short test (the text was written on the Nexus 5 little less than half an hour) no problems on the part of sync with the “cloud” (what often guilty of similar Android-editors of other developers) was not found.

The interface becomes a little richer when you turn a smartphone or tablet in landscape orientation – there are dedicated buttons “undo” and “return” key for “regime of attention” Focus Mode – when the whole text except the currently editing the proposal is whitish. In the vertical orientation of the device, all these functions are hidden under a translucent “button-burger” in the upper right of the screen ugulu.

Of the minuses (in addition to the main, on kotorom- below) – probably not enough available in the iOS-version iA Writer Additional keys to move the cursor and quickly enter the most popular punctuation such as dashes, parentheses and quotes. But with alternative keyboards on Android there are no problems, so for sure you can find the persistent exactly what he needs. Personally, I can not live without Fleksy, which is able to correct the word seems to be any number of typos, and in conjunction with iA Writer she showed herself very well. Surely any keyboard with unseparated like Swype text input is not suitable for worse.

The main problem, which certainly have a negative impact on the popularity of applications on the platform of Google – price about 330 rubles. Because Google gives 15 minutes for a refund, no one bothers to download the program and try it in action. You can download it at this link.


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