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Android have had no hope of success, and other facts of his history –


Android – a familiar operating system of most modern smartphones and tablets. Today, therefore, surprising to remember that, when he appeared, critics skeptical about his attitude. Everyone was excited about the iPhone. In the lead in the smartphone market, Microsoft and Blackberry with its colorful history. And the idea that a company known for its search engines and e-mail, will make phones was considered ridiculous. When in 2008, discussed issues related to the world of mobile devices, a panelist from Pandora asked, “It was necessary to talk about Android, is not it?”. The answer to this question was: “Why? Why do we have to talk about Android – it’s not interesting. ” Over time, Pandora has revised his opinion and create an application for Android. The success story of Android began rather modestly.

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And this on the resource Phandroid told a lot of interesting things. This site is the first Android-specialized resource. The first report appeared in its November 5, 2007, the day of the official announcement of the Android operating system Google, which at that time was known mostly as a search engine. The article resource Wired , published in 2008, G1 was called one of the worst phones of the year. It was believed that he is dull likeness iPhone – a massive and unattractive.

Android 1.0 was not wearing a sweet name, 1.1 – not in alphabetical order


For a long time, users are accustomed to the fact that each successive version of Android gets the name of the next sweetness. Currently, the latest Android OS is 5 Lollipop, that is, “Candy.” Before that were released KitKat, Jelly Bean, Ice Cream Sandwich. Android lovers always try to predict what “sweet name” is as follows. On this subject even filmed a funny video.

A little-known that the first version of Android were not the names of desserts. Android 1.0 times called «Alpha» or «Astro Boy». Android 1.1 within the company was known as the «Petit Four» (small French cakes), but since this name begins with the letter «P», it should not alphabetically. The first version, which was officially “sweet name” has become Android 1.5 Cupcake.

If Google immediately took “sweet tradition” naming its operating systems, the Android 1.0 could be called «Apple Pie» (apple pie ) and 1.1 – Banana Split (banana with ice cream, ice cream, strawberries and whipped cream). But this did not happen and we can only speculate what names might get the first version of the world’s most popular mobile operating system.

In the first Android-device is not been the virtual keyboard and 3.5 mm inputs for Headset

 T Mobile G1

In 2008, almost all the phone has a physical keyboard. The most famous were the Blackberry smartphones and their gorgeous full keyboard, which was a miniature likeness of computer keyboards. Prior to the advent of the iPhone without the phone keypad idea was unpopular and seen very critical.

The first Android-device T-Mobile G1 had a sliding physical keyboard. But today the usual virtual keyboard and it is not possessed, surprisingly now sounds. Since it was necessary to use a physical keyboard, which is excluded typing with one hand. G1 six months later found on-screen keyboard with the release of Android 1.5.

G1 was also deprived of the usual 3.5 mm inputs for a headset. HTC for some reason decided to supply it with a proprietary adapter, and this was the main reason for criticism devices.

Android stripped the head of Google places on the Board of Apple

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The relationship between Google and Apple have not always been strained. iPhone comes with Google Maps app and YouTube. But over time, the competition between iOS and Android has led to the fact that the relationship between the two companies have become less friendly. A clear sign of this cooling is that the head of Google, Eric Schmidt was forced to withdraw from the Board of Apple. Steve Jobs on this occasion said:

Sorry, Google gets increasingly in those business areas that are key for Apple, with Android, and now Chrome OS . Eric efficiency as a member of the Board of Apple would significantly decreased, because he would have to refuse to participate in a large part of our meetings, so as not to conflict of interest that might arise.

Android interface has improved a former competitor


Android met cool. Meanwhile, WebOS strongly praised when she appeared. At that time there were only a few models of Android-devices. As was shown WebOS, Android 1.5 was a novelty, but the Motorola DROID nobody heard.

Critics believed that WebOS can compete not only with Android, but with a much more powerful opponent – iOS. That did not happen for the sole reason that Palm was made a rather strange decision. The first WebOS-device was launched in the network of Sprint, and not one of the major service providers. And the marketing campaign was strange. The first month of Palm Pre sold very well, but then his sales went into decline.

A few months later the operator Verizon announced the Motorola DROID and the Apple iPhone 3GS. Palm with its WebOS failed. Google continues to improve Android, which has now become the most popular operating system for mobile devices. The company even hired a designer Matias Duarte WebOS, whose task was to improve the interface and design of the operating system Android.

Sony created the first Android-smart watch in 2010

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The operating system for handheld devices Android Wear appeared only in 2014. And since then, smart watches based on the new operating system began to appear one after the other and filled themselves the market.

But in 2010, Sony (Ericsson) has released the clock LiveView. They were connected with the Android-based phone and display feeds Twitter and RSS, and SMS. They also made it possible to control the media player of the phone. And only when Samsung released its first smart watches based on Android, the old Sony products no longer enjoy the attention.

Android designed for push-button phones

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Everything is already accustomed to the fact that the smartphone – a “touch rectangle” with no physical keyboard. This tradition was founded by Apple and presented in 2007, the iPhone, which at that time looked very strange. Meanwhile, before his meeting the public with the iPhone, there was a prototype Android-devaysa called «Sooner». It was something to do with smartphones Blackberry.

The prototype possessed physical horizontal QWERTY-keyboard, the call button and the call is finished, trackpad. Its screen was not touch. This phone has never appeared on the market.

And you’d like to come back again in smartphones physical keyboard? What’s missing from modern smartphones such that appeared one day, would be able to once again change all views users of mobile devices?


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