Tuesday, February 10, 2015

LG gives all new customers of Android-smartphone device G3 virtual reality – Overclockers.ru

Google Inc. believes in a person’s ability to do with adhesive tape and profanity any thing improvised, so enthusiasts it offers a virtual reality headset to gather for a smartphone of cardboard. The company LG, as the resource CNet , used this design to create your own virtual reality headset that is compatible with your smartphone G3. However, in contrast to the “homemade Google”, LG headset is made of plastic, and the lens in the eyepiece holes already inserted. In addition, the magnetic ring from the end of the housing headset can be used to control the cursor.

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unpretentious title “VR for G3″ says little about LG ambitions in this area, but we can assume that this headset is a response to the device Gear VR company Samsung, which sells for $ 310 on select markets solution LG will be offered free to all new smartphone buyers G3. How much it will cost alone, is not specified.

By the way, G3 buyers will also receive a coupon for a free download of the game Robobliteration, using virtual reality technology.


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