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Choosing organizer for android-devices: Day after day (Day by day Appiens), Cal: and Organizer ( –

Easy control and navigation

The ability to self-configure


The maximum load on the system (CPU / RAM)
0,1 / 75 MB

Working with cloud storage

Synchronize with Google calendar and Internet services

Long-term planning

Send notes via wireless network

Backup to SD-card

Getting Started

So, the first thing we suggest is to use the 21-day trial period, which fully reveal the potential of the program. After this period, everything will return to its place, that is, we use the limited free version. Well, we have a classic marketing approach, which definitely works. Let’s go further.

225x300 34 KB. Big one: 768x1024 163 KB

It should be noted immediately that the application immediately offers integration with Google Calendar that in principle a good idea. In the rest to us quite attractive interface, where the top of the screen is the calendar, and the rest took place to-do list. Note that this list is upcoming dates, and you can immediately assign them specific tasks. Not a bad solution, which immediately motivates to action.

225x300 31 KB. Big one: 768x1024 126 KB

In the upper left corner is a trademark application icon, which opens the control menu. In the right – you can change the date, add a task or activity. All intuitive, besides when you first start the program you are waiting for visual clues. So far so good, and therefore see what offers us a lateral pop-up menu.

225x300 22 KB. Big one: 768x1024 97 KB


First of all, here we can change the calendar view, that is, selecting the daily display (default), monthly, weekly and monthly schedule.

400x300 20 KB. Big one: 1024x768 53 KB
 400x300 42 KB. Big one: 1024x768 122 KB
 400x300 22 KB. Big one: 1024x768 51 KB
 400x300 40 KB. Big one: 1024x768 113 KB

The following is a point of” application “. There is a search, settings, sync, delete completed tasks, information, and browser plug-in Chrome, which allows you to quickly organize notes. We should also mention the right drawer menu, which is activated swipe to the right of the screen. In this part of the menu, we can manage our profiles, namely synchronized with a PC, Google, and display custom birthdays and holidays of the Russian Federation. Ok, now move on to the actual settings.

400x300 45 KB. Big one: 1024x768 134 KB
 400x300 47 KB. Big one: 1024x768 104 KB


The user has three color schemes (light, dark, mixed), as well as the font size. Below we show the empty days, which is very convenient, since removing the daw, we see only the scheduled tasks and nothing more. Then adjust the calendar display on the home screen, open the program that is on the bottom of the current problems without dates or to continue the unfinished work. In addition, you can adjust the number of days in the working week (1 to 7), at least a two-day working week and select the days for the weekend. Available weekends appoint at least Wednesday, at least Monday. It turns out that configuration flexibility of working time is not limited, which, of course, appreciate all nonstandardized workers.

400x300 28 KB. Big one: 1024x768 86 KB
 400x300 31 KB. Big one: 1024x768 97 KB
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A separate line in the settings are birthdays. Apparently the developers assign these memorable dates a special role in human life. However, in this submenu just one point: to show or hide birthdays.

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Turn on automatic synchronization, which is activated by a special icon. Here we choose uchetku Google, as well as put the check in front of the display of completed tasks.

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