Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Overview IUNI U2: original android-smartphone from China –

Device Type


Qualcomm Snapdragon 800, Quad core 2.1 GHz

The video
Adreno 330

Operating System
Android 4.3

Memory GB
3 RAM; 32 ROM

4.7 “, 1920 x 1080

cameras, megapixel
16.0 + 4.1


The number of SIM-cards, pieces.
1 (micro-SIM)

Support MicroSD

GSM; WCDMA; GPA; A-GPS; Bluetooth; Wi-Fi


Battery mAh

Dimensions in mm
136.9 x 65.0 x 10.2

Weight, g

The market value, rub.
~ 15500

On the one hand, we have the flagship reserve memory size of 3 GB, on the other – not the flagship diagonal display. It is necessary to find out what happened as a result of a novice mobile market.

Packaging equipment IUNI U2

How to start a familiarity with the new device? Of course, with boxes. Usually characterized by packaging size and quality of materials. Attention is drawn to the design and decoration. All this is true, but not in this case.

The first thing that frankly surprised – this form. It is not rectangular or square, like most mobile solutions. The box is made in triangular form.

400x450 16 KB. Big one: 888x1000 56 KB

In my mind this is the first gadget with the packaging. I must admit that such a move will allow manufacturers to stand out from the competition without much investment. For example, all my family unanimously said that the package is rather like that of the branded expensive perfume, but not on the box and a little-known Chinese smartphone.

So, it is structurally box with a lid.

450x355 11 KB. Big one: 1172x924 39 KB

On the front side marked the manufacturer’s logo and name transcript.

The upper bound according to which model is packed inside.

290x450 9 KB. Big one: 644x1000 25 KB

On the left side there are various service information, for example, Here is an IMEI device. But the serial number was not found.

450x340 13 KB. Big one: 1324x1000 68 KB

The right side bears the two logos and two QR -code.

Since the cover is not fitted tightly to the main part, the box itself, as it were encircled by a green stripe. Looks stylish and neat.

But the appearance of the packaging surprises do not end there. Remove the lid and observe the inner box (of course, triangular), sealed with original seal and tongue with green fabric in the middle.

450x275 11 KB. Big one: 1500x916 57 KB

We pull for him, and before us is very IUNI U2, which is held in place by protrusions cardboard. I must admit that even specially to get him out of there is not so simple, accidental loss can not be afraid.

Prints the seal and open the triangular flap. Inside, the first thing we find is a rare bag, bibulous. Stuck cheap, but it is very useful. Next we find a modest package, consisting only of the power adapter (to our outlet is not suitable) and cord USB. But the way this kit is packed, deserves special attention.

450x302 8 KB. Big one: 1420x952 43 KB

The fact is that each accessory is packed in a separate (incidentally, also triangular!) box, which has a separate firm seal. Moreover, the adapter, cable, both items are inserted into the foam seal and not just hang out in the package.

450x347 19 KB. Big one: 1296x1000 87 KB

The package IUNI U2 includes:

  • The power adapter;

  • Cable USB;

  • Documentation.

Modestly, but everything you need in place.


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