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Buyer’s Guide: 12 best accessories for Android – BBC News

Vesti.Haytek publish the second part of the guide, which will help orient in choosing a gift for the upcoming holidays. In today’s selection were the best accessories for Android-devices – “stick to selfi” Momax Selfifit, fotopult wireless, portable speakers Bose, Keychain “rasteryasha” Proximo Tag, LED flash Iblazr and much more.

Tylt Vu Qi

Wireless charging, certified according to Qi. Reserve battery is replenished by the principle of electromagnetic induction – without the aid of wires, but the device must be in contact with the power supply. Tylt Vu is inclined at an angle of 45 degrees and at the same time serves as a support for Android-smartphone.

Charging compatible with any Android-powered device with built-in Qi: Nexus 5/6/7, Nokia Lumia 920/928 / Icon / 1020 et al., some models of LG and HTC (Droid DNA). The device can also work with Samsung products and even iPhone, if they are “dressed” in Qi-compatible case. In Russian online stores Tylt Vu can be ordered in about 5000 rubles.

Bose SoundLink Mini

Bluetooth-speaker for Android-gadgets manufactured by Bose. Has a strong body made entirely of aluminum. Charge lasts about 7 hours. Dimensions – 51h180h58 millimeters. Publication CNET SoundLink Mini drifted to the best portable speakers, honoring its assessment 4 “stars” out of 5. The advantages of high-quality speaker attributed assembly, simple and stylish design, and great sound at small sizes. The main disadvantage SoundLink Mini – a relatively high price and not the highest range of Bluetooth-module. In Russia, the device is sold in about 13 thousand rubles.

Veho Pebble Pro-XT

The portable high capacity battery – 13200 mAh. That’s enough to charge the iPhone up to ten times, the company says (with Android-smartphone will get less). Pebble Pro-XT may appeal to travelers in three prichnam. Firstly, in the box with it lies weight adapters that can charge both laptop and smartphone. Second, the user can choose a suitable voltage. And thirdly, bundled adapter is compatible with any type sockets. Device worth about 6 thousand rubles.

Kingston MobileLite Wireless G2

Multi-function device that also come in handy on the road. It can be used as a device for reading memory cards, Wi-Fi router and an external battery. By connecting to the Mobile Lite (micro) SD-card or USB-stick, the user can “over the air” to read data from the drive, as well as to broadcast movies and music on Android-smartphone. In addition, the device provides Ethernet-port, which allows it to also act as a portable router. Mobile Lite is sold in about 6000 rubles.

Touch Gloves

The warm woolen gloves would be relevant and affordable gift that will not allow hands warm on the street. At the tips of the fingers 3 (black) special woven fibers that conduct current, when a person touches the display. Suitable for any capacitive touchscreen and do not scratch the screen. Price – up to 2 thousand rubles.

Adidas miCoach Smart Run

“smart” watches, Adidas designed for runners. Sports accessory features GPS-sensor can be connected to Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and monitor your heart rate. Users can connect to the miCoach wireless headphones to listen to music and specifying the virtual trainer.

miCoach – an independent gadget, which does not need a “partner” in the face of the iPhone or Android-smartphone. All information, including music, he keeps on his own flash drive (4GB capacity that allows you to take to the gym only to him. On the other hand, the clock is not able to receive notifications from your smartphone or broadcast with his tracks via Bluetooth. They are sold in about 12 thousand rubles.

Sony SmartBand SWR30

” Smart “bracelet that tracks daily activity of man. It is designed to layfloginga – recording a person’s life in real time. Accessory stores in which the place you were and what time that was photographed, what music to listen, what to play and what books to read. This information is then processed and displayed in the application for Lifelog of Android-smartphone.

The new model SWR30 protected from moisture (protection class – IP68, ie, the gadget can swim and submerge to a depth of one and a half meters), is equipped with height sensors and acceleration. SmartBand also considers how many steps you’ve done for the day, support voice input, vibrates when it comes to SMS allows to accept and “reset” the call. With battery 70 mAh device “live” up to 3 days without recharging. C review of the younger model – SWR10 – you can read our article .

Bluetooth Remote Shutter

A useful and accessible (700 rubles ) accessory for remote shooting. In his case there are three buttons to power, one for the camera shutter on iOS-device, and the other – on Android. Unlike “selfi-stick” Momax Selfifit (about it below), this gadget is convenient because it allows you to shoot at any distance (within the range of Bluetooth, about 10 meters). Remote Shutter powered by conventional “flat” (lithium) batteries, which will last for 60 thousand photos.

Momax Selfifit

Selfifit – the so-called “stick to selfi “which first appeared in Japan and is now gaining popularity around the world. Tripod, a monopod is made up of four sections, and you can withdraw to a distance of 90 cm, which is convenient for shooting as himself, and the whole company. “Taped” smartphone rotates 360 degrees and has an adjustable tilt. Selfifit is compatible with almost any device: iPhone, Android-smartphones, digital cameras GoPro. The model in the photo can be bought for around 3,000 rubles.

Ipega PG-9023

PG-9023 from the company Ipega – a wireless gamepad for Android-devices. Suitable for any smartphone and tablet with a screen size from 5 to 10 inches. It can be placed on a sliding rack controller (so your fingers will not block the screen, providing precise control in racing or shooters), or to use them at a distance from each other.

Configuration PG-9023 includes a crossbar, two stick, game and mediaknopki. The battery will last for 20 hours. Dimensions: 235h125h45 mm, weight – 246 grams. In online stores gamepad sold for about 3000 rubles.


Iblazr – one of the best and most popular LED flashes for Android- and i-devices. Inserted it into the 3.5 mm input used for headphones. Turn the gadget can be as basic side, and front-facing camera. Compared with the built-in flash, Iblazr powerful about ten times. In addition to photography, it can be used as a flashlight during a conversation on video during the night. Charge (200 mAh) device will last about a thousand flashes of light or 40 minutes.

Kensington Proximo Tag

“Smart” keychain that will not lose valuable thing. Proximo Tag is attached to the bag, notebook, wallet or keys and connects via Bluetooth to your smartphone. If the user is too far distanced himself from things, the label will beep. In the Android-app Kensington can configure how far should an alarm is triggered and how loud it should sound.

You can also enable the Search item (button Find me). Find items in the dark will allow LED lights. The main body of the keychain, in turn, is also a button to search for a smartphone. Proximo Tag worth about 1 thousand rubles.


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