Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Cyanogen encourages IT-giants unite in the struggle for Android without Google – 3DNews

The company Cyanogen, which develops popular alternative firmware on the platform Android, announced in January this year the desire to create a truly open, free from binding to Google services operating system. The company is currently actively attracts investment to acquire resources towards ambitious goal.

As the resource Re / code, referring to his own informants, Cyanogen applied to a wide range of technology companies, including Amazon and Microsoft. Cyanogen hopes that it will be able to interest influential strategic investors looking for an alternative to Google-version of Android. It is reported that some potential investors did not dare mess with Cyanogen banal fear because of pressure from the powerful Google.

Smartphone OnePlus One based on CyanogenMod

Google develops and produces assembly reference and source code under an open source software license Open Source. However, those who wish to use any one service Google – YouTube, Gmail, Chrome or store Google Play – must agree to use all of them, placing them on top in a prominent position on the main screen of your smartphone. Finally, Google is putting pressure on companies to install on their mobile devices, alternative service.

Cyanogen offers a more open version of Android, which could be completed with any third-party applications and services companies. It is worth noting that the idea of ​​alternative versions of Android is not new – many Chinese companies based on Android OS create alternative app stores and services. Engaged in the same Yandex project Yandeks.Kit and Amazon with its own platform Fire OS.

Currently, Cyanogen spends the next stage of investment attraction, in which it is planned to bring the total amount to hundreds of millions of dollars. Re / Code notes that Microsoft (as previously reported journalists WSJ) can really invest up to $ 70 million, although a decision on this matter is still pending, but less likely to participate Amazon.

Microsoft is not the first time trying to use the enormous potential of the ecosystem Android. After absorption of the Finnish Nokia phones were released a series of Nokia X, which is based on the platform of Android, but at the same time free from Google services in favor of alternatives from Microsoft. Microsoft also receives hundreds of millions of royalties from Android-producers for the use of its patents.

In any case, at the moment the market value of Cyanogen is already very high, especially for a company that has yet to demonstrate the ability to profit from their initiatives. As is the case with Google-version, version of Android Cyanogen – CyanogenMod – free and open. Cyanogen, however, could theoretically make a profit through the integration of third-party services and software in its platform. In the long term, for example, can be released CyanogenMod version with integrated services Amazon, Facebook and Microsoft instead of Google.

Smartphone Micromax Yureka firmware CyanogenMod 11

In Currently, the most significant transactions of the company was the conclusion of an agreement with India on the supply of CyanogenMod Micromax smartphone last. Last year Cyanogen also hired a number of prominent leaders in their team.


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