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Tools month. Review of applications Android-December - BBC News

In the last month of the year Vesti.Haytek continued to monitor the news and updates Android-applications that appear on the virtual store shelves Google Play. For monthly collections we tested the best of them, including not only useful tools, but also a couple of games to play.

to Western Christmas AllCast app came out of beta and stable version appeared in Google Play. This program, created by one of the developers Kushik Dutta, allows you to broadcast images and video with the Android-phone or tablet to the TV screen. AllCast application works with a huge number of devices that support DLNA (Digital Living Network Alliance), as well as Apple TV, Google TV (Logitech Revue), consoles Roku, console Microsoft Xbox (360 and One), Samsung TV and Panasonic Smart TV, etc. etc. Say Dutta sure one day AllCast will be compatible with its own “Googley” “telebrelkom” Chromecast.

But music streaming will only appear in a later release of this application for OS Android, which, as now, must be version 4.0 or later. Note that AllCast able to work with technology that supports “apple” standard AirPlay, which uses a network of Wi-Fi. This fact can be especially glad “apostates” exchanged iOS to Android, which remained on the farm now seemingly unnecessary “iron”, for example, AirPlay-dynamics.

After starting AllCast determines whether you have compatible equipment. In application settings, you simply select the device where you will be “Stream”, and, of course, the content itself (image or video) that you want to display on the TV screen. How it works is easy to understand from the video, he commented that the program developer.

The free version AllCast while watching less than one minute, and to lift this restriction and also get rid of the annoying ads, you should purchase a key – AllCast Premium for $ 4.99 (164.57 rubles) .

From Google Play AllSast trial version can be downloaded here and AllCast Premium – here.

Android Device Manager
Web Service Remote Control Android-devices (Android Device Manager) Company Google announced in late summer, and here in December for a mobile client appeared. Now virtually any gadget (the main thing that the Android version does not fall below 2.3) can determine where the lost device remotely lock it or wipe the data on it. But in order to activate this feature on a potential “poteryashke” we must first run the application “Settings Google” and by section Remote Android “, tick the option” Remote Device Search “and” Remote lock and reset. “In Android 4.1 and more later versions require pre allow access to their geospatial data (if it was not provided earlier).

After launching Android Device Manager on Google will show the approximate location devaysa, if included, of course. A tapa after the title lost smartphone or tablet can be seen and time it was last used.

If the device was lost at home, it’s easy to “ping”. In this case, the device will emit a nasty beep at full volume for five minutes, even if up to that was in the vibration mode or the sound was off. By the way, turn off this “siren” Only the power button.

If the device is left somewhere outside the home, enough to start to do a lock, but if it is clear that the device is stolen, immediately recommended to resort to drastic measures. Cleaning function removes applications, photos, music and other information on the device and restore the factory settings. Note that the data from the SD-card is not removed. But all these bailouts will help only “poteryashke” working with the mobile Internet or Wi-Fi.

Android Device Manager can free download in Google Play

Angry Birds Go!
company Rovio has released another game about evil birds. However, the gameplay in it is another – in Angry Birds Go! invited to participate in go-kart racing style Crash Nitro Cart. In short, it is necessary to drive on the maps of the island pigs. By the way, you can play not only for the aggressive birds, but also for their pretty green opponents.

Gamers will battle each other on the set of racetracks, fly in the air, use special abilities to fight with competitors. Also available are various modifications for cars that have to buy for the points earned or for real money (in-game purchases worth up to 100 dollars).

I race very easy control, the game system is simple, understandable and fascinating, and the gameplay balanced. The player starts with one card and one “classic” red bird as a driver. Later, he discovers how the new machines, and new characters.

Angry Birds Go! you can free download in Google Play.

Adventure horizontal platformer Badland – this is a game about the harsh world where survival of the fittest, and ten deaths per minute – a common occurrence (detailed review at this link). Events unfold in a forest full of various creatures, trees, flowers and other items where the hero await lots of obstacles and traps. Have to flee, for example, from a variety of mechanisms, giant fans and other mysterious machines.

Cute furry creature similar to blot with small wings, by any means necessary to bring to the finish. “Mohnatik” is able to reproduce, and clones appeared specifically want to sacrifice them.

Now Badland 80 levels, thus supporting the multiplayer mode when the same device is available for four players level 21. Good manners are not welcome here. Better, for example, to push an opponent on a rotating disk of a circular saw. In general, nothing personal.

Badland can be downloaded for free on Google Play.

Quip combines convenient document editor with the messaging system, similar to the chat. Application is impressive not only for its multiplatform and free, but also simplicity and modernity. This program allows you to communicate with other users, create documents and edit them together, more about its features can be found in our review.

important that Quip allows simultaneous work on the same document from virtually any device. On the “desktop” displays your documents and folders, and in the “Inbox” – those to whom you have granted access, and since they are all stored in the cloud, “forget” them somewhere impossible.

Quip are free to use for personal use (up to 5 people in the group), but the business will have to pay $ 12 a month per person (can be up to 250).

Quip to download from Google Play require device-based operating system Android 4.0.3 or later.

VSCO Cam – is both an application for recording and photo editor with the largest set of filters (presets). The program has a minimalistic design and a simple, intuitive interface.

in VSCO Cam Pictures appear as squares on the tab Library (“Library”). Allowed to add photos and other sources, for example, from the usual Android-gallery.

In the “Library” as you manage photos – here they are easy to edit, delete, send by e-mail, share them on social networks (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter), spread in VSCO Grid to create your own portfolio in the public gallery of photos.

Double tapnuv on a picture, you can see where and when it was made, and what was with the shooting mode. Details about the tool application, you can read in our review. Available free of charge only 10 filters, and to purchase them on the tab Store. Each set is 99 cents.

VSCO Cam you can free download from Google Play for gadgets with the version of OS Android 4.0 and above.

idea “Vkarmane” (yfi read a detailed review at this link) is very simple – the program provides templates of various documents in which you can drive all the necessary information, then to quickly access it. There are templates for passports, bank cards, TIN, SNILS, passport, CTC, CTP / CASCO, driver’s license, medical insurance and a military ID card.

Unfortunately, fill in the fields, recognizing text from photographs document the program can not, so that will have to enter their data manually. Feature “Vkarmane” can be considered encryption technology AES-256. In addition, the entrance to this application is password-protected.

Each document “Vkarmane” can be sent with a message, or e-mail. Unfortunately, the program itself is not possible to print anything.

paid version “Vkarmane” (33 rubles) can be downloaded from Google Play.

With applications from the App Store migrirovshimi in Google Play, problems usually arise. They usually are not only functional, but simply beautiful. So, compared to Cal from start Any.DO stock Android-calendar looks like a relative in the village kirzachah and hat. That’s just called “migrant” is not lucky – painfully dissonant it to the Russian ear.

Settings at Cal calendar quite a bit. In particular, it is proposed to import from Facebook friends’ birthdays (also loaded with photographs of their profiles), assign visible calendars (associated with your account and Holidays Russia), and set the default notification time (time for 10 or 30 minutes per hour or two a day or two, any time), photo theme (for background calendar), etc.

Moving on days in the calendar provided swipe left or right. Furthermore, swipe down calendar you can deploy and move already by month. Will be displayed under the calendar events and affairs of the selected day. Unfortunately, there is no option is often necessary to see all the events in one month.

Using the “+” in the upper right corner of the screen to easily add future events specified place (displayed on the map Google) and time of the meeting, noting the necessary person (of Facebook friends and contacts Google) and putting notification procedures, including notification to the specified email address. Conveniently, all the editable parameters are collected together on the screen, and when you add new events, you can use voice control.

Among chip program worth noting synchronization scheduler Any.DO, and excellent ergonomics – Intuitive interface with large buttons and comfortable (not miss), as well as additional screens for editing (not entangled). In Android, unlike iOS, possible and landscape orientation calendar. Furthermore, Cal synchronized with most services which previously could calendars are used, including Google Calendar and Outlook. By the way, the calendar of Any.DO has a very pretty widget.


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