Friday, December 27, 2013

HTC infographics about the stages of preparation of the update Android - 3DNews

HTC infographic used for a story about the stages of release updates for their Android smartphones. Story titled “Anatomy updates Android» explains step by step process of preparing to enter the operating system upgrade. Of course, there are differences in the work on an update to smartphones offered by operators under contract, unlocked international versions and versions «Google Play».

process is divided into five stages. On stage, the zero rating (Evaluation) of the new version of the platform. Google provides us tools for the new platform (PDK, platform development kit), then announces a new version of the operating system and releases the source code for chip manufacturers and companies producing devices.

first and second phase include the development and integration (Development + Integration). In the first stage, chip makers and mobile devices provide drivers and software based on the new version of Android. Chipmakers directs drivers and software companies to integrate with devices.

After this testing and certification (third stage – Testing / Certification). At last, the fourth stage update will reach the consumer.

Infographics gives an idea at what stage can be delayed on the way to update users. Apparently, the longest established drivers and chipset manufacturers and software mobile operators.

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