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Android developers recognized that inspired iPhone -

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first model iPhone, which was held CEO Steve Jobs Apple (Steve Jobs) January 9, 2007, many are not indifferent. Among these people were top managers of the corporation Google.

story follows the book Fred Vogelshteyna (Fred Vogelstein) «Quest: How Apple and Google entered the battle and revolutionized» (Dogfight: How Apple and Google Went to War and Started a Revolution), quotes from the publication of which led The Atlantic.

iPhone so impressed the leaders of Google, that they decided to start re-developing its own mobile platform. At this point on the development of the platform by Google already spent more than 2 years.

Google started building its own system for smartphones – Android – Then in 2005, this project involved a small office on the first floor of a building Google’s headquarters in Mountain View, California. The team consisted of about 50 developers, whose task was the release of a new product designed to revolutionize the mobile phone industry.

While the mobile industry was too fragmented. Each manufacturer has its own platform, which was incompatible with the other. There were no standards. Nobody has been developing software for smartphones, because it was unprofitable. Devices do not have sufficient power to run complex applications, and the speed of mobile data is not allowed to use the Internet freely.

show the iPhone in January 2007, Jobs struck many, including Google


Google realized that someone will bring in this order, and feared that this “someone” can become powerful at the time the corporation Microsoft, which offers manufacturers of smartphones operating system Windows CE.

Developers Android platform labored tirelessly for 15 months, and some of them – more than 2 years. “They write and test code, negotiated a software license and flew around the world, looking for the necessary details, suppliers and manufacturers – quoted by The Atlantic. – They are working on a prototype for six months and planned to make the announcement at the end of the year … Jobs did not come out yet and showed no iPhone ».

creator Andy Rubin Android (Andy Rubin) during the presentation of “apple” smartphone are thousands of miles from Jobs in Las Vegas, intending to meet a likely partner for the platform Android, which participated exhibition Consumer Electronics Show.

He watched the broadcast performances Jobs in the way in the car, and was so surprised by the apparatus shown that forced the driver rushed to pull over and stop to watch the performance. “S. .. b Lord! (Holy crap!) – He exclaimed. – I believe that we do not need to let our phone ».

author works, quoted by The Atlantic, also quoted one of the developers of Android Chris DeSalvo (Chris DeSalvo): «As a consumer, I was amazed. I instantly wanted to have this device. But as an engineer Google, I thought we should start again ».

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