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Android – a real spy in your pocket. FotoKompaniya Google knows the passwords to all the wireless networks in the world.

most popular applications for Android, iOS and Windows Phone

Google, Inc. from its inception, has denied all the axioms of business, managed to build a thriving business on free products. The best search, mail, many other services are available to users free of charge, but at the same time, bring us a good income. So Google, instead of money, takes us something else?

Exactly. We pay for the use of products of their attention and their private information. I once wrote an article about how Google collects data about us in the network. And today we will focus on another aspect of this issue, as mobile devices with Android on board spying on their hosts.

your travels History

Android default tracks the location of your phone. It uses this information to make your life easier, for example, Google Now will show you the weather, attractions and routes from your location. He may also use this data to allow you to track a lost phone on the Internet using the Android Device Manager.

same time it means that Google knows where and when you were with your phone. And be sure that these data are accumulated and stored neatly. And even if you turn off the GPS, your location will still be fairly accurately determined using nearby Wi-Fi networks and cell phone towers.
Android – a real spy in your pocket. Photography

way, you do come up with a rather complicated password to his mantle? Tried in vain. Only one tick in the settings of your backup data sent superslozhnyh your password in Google. This company knows the passwords to all the wireless networks in the world, not bad, right?

letters, contacts and events

Android provides a really convenient service to synchronize your email, calendar and notes Address Book between different devices. However, this by itself means that all the data is stored on company servers. Whether they are destroyed after the steel you do not need, or being reserved indefinitely, forming a digital print of your life? Obviously, the latter.
Android – a real spy in your pocket. Photography

passwords, history sites, search queries

Mobile Chrome is a good browser, who gladly use very many. And if you use even a desktop version of the program, you get the opportunity to virtually seamless transition between different devices, because all your data is automatically pulled up and synchronized. Yes, the servers Google, of course. This means that you, out of kindness, sharing all their passwords, interests and hobbies with one very curious now.
Android – a real spy in your pocket. Photography


company makes extremely great efforts to promote its social service Google+. Gradually, more and more products and services integrated into Google+, and not far off when you will no longer get out of the setting of the respective client. This means that all your fotochki will automatically be loaded on servers Google, linked with your name and saved.
Android – a real spy in your pocket. Photography

What about SMS and calls?

That this until everything is in order. When using standard programs, no data about your conversations and correspondence will not be sent. However, in the latest version of Android 4.4 Kit Kat, in place of the usual messages came Google Hangouts, so that the option backup history of your communication is, I think, is not far off. Solely for the convenience and safety of users, by itself.

Should we fear and what to do?

If you look objectively and call a spade a spade, it must be admitted that Google has successfully built the perfect global tracking system for its users. And if using an ordinary computer, we can somehow control the flow of data collected about us, then with a mobile gadget that is always with us, much more difficult to handle. While most people are familiar mantra calms himself: “I’m a little man, to me nobody cares” and “I have nothing to hide”, no one knows when and who will use your data. And for what purpose.

So it is better to keep this process under control and follow a few simple rules.

1. Clearly realize that no privacy of any network, nor in life. Every step you take can be fixed, figured out and sent to storage until a suitable opportunity.

What to expect from Android 4.4.2?

2. Try not to use the products of one company. If there is a choice, then give preference to third-party solutions.

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