Wednesday, December 18, 2013

New Product Opera compresses all mobile traffic in the Android and iPhone -

begun beta testing Android-App Opera Max, which compresses traffic not only in the browser, but also other programs that run on a mobile device. In the future, it is planned to release the same app for iPhone.

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company Opera Software announced the beta Opera Max application for Android, designed for compression (compression) of all mobile traffic.

Opera Max compresses video, images and text that a user downloads onto your phone, regardless of what application he uses for this.

After enabling traffic compression in Opera Max all requests for data loading start to go through the servers Opera, where he performed content compression. Appendix enough to run once.

Opera Max – analogue of Opera Turbo, present in browsers, Opera Mini and Opera, but not only compresses traffic in the browser, but also in other applications.

compression efficiency depends on the application and the content type of data. Opera Max does not work with queries HTTPS, ie it can not compress encrypted data. This means that the Opera Max can not save bandwidth, e.g., the application Facebook, employing such a compound.

In most applications, however, apply the usual requests HTTP, so Opera Max is compatible with them, told in Opera Software.

Opera Max compresses traffic in applications of any type

Participate in beta-testing a new application can now only U.S. residents. In the near future the company’s promise to provide a similar capability to users in other countries.

Developers reported that the testing period the application is free. Then it will be paid or will remain free from advertising shows.

The company reported CNews, which also plans to release Opera Max for iPhone. Release of the final version of Opera Max for Android and iPhone is expected in early budeschee year.

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