Sunday, December 29, 2013

AirDroid. How to connect your computer and mobile device - Ferra

  • Developer : SAND STUDIO
  • Price : Free
  • Tested on : Asus Transformer Pad TF300T
  • Google Play : view

Modern technical devices are able to function well individually, but their full potential they reveal the interaction – showing the best features of technological gadgets. Here, for example, many people today want to connect your smartphone or tablet to your computer for different purposes – data files or monitoring. This can be done in several ways: use a long and uncomfortable … wire cable or Wi-Fi connection, working fairly quickly and at a great distance. But here’s the problem – very few people know how to tie the air database both devices. For owners of the devices on the Android platform is a way out – the application «AirDroid».

Thanks to the program« AirDroid »collection process into a single channel of the computer and the mobile device has become as simple as adding one and two – just run the application on your phone or tablet, to drive into your browser on your computer specified IP-address, confirm the connection, and voila! – The connection is established. Sitting with a computer can operate on all available data on a mobile device in any format – even view the download though, even remove, though copy and paste … user capabilities are virtually unlimited. However, this double-edged sword: you can not just work with are already on Android-devayse information, but also to add new there – the file link, clipboard or file format application APK.

addition to the files themselves, window «AirDroid» on the computer gives us some information about the device to which it is connected: the full name, version of Android, the amount of free and used internal and external memory by categories – music, video , or other images. In addition, we have the opportunity to know the number of installed applications, existing contacts, messages, music, image and video files. And, accordingly, look at the list of items for each of the categories that can be done in the computer version of «Air Droid», and mobile. Here there is also some sort of remote control – wirelessly from your computer or you can do a picture with the camera, or (if Root-rights) screenshot.

But« AirDroid »rich and not only the possibility of connection of the mobile device and the PC – this app has in its arsenal a couple more, other useful features. For example, the right of «AirDroid» You can view a list of installed applications and delete them there, use the app as a full file manager or task manager with the ability to stop unwanted processes and become familiar with them, as well as view the degree of filling of internal and external memory, the charge battery voltage and temperature, CPU utilization with the number of running tasks, as well as information about RAM. Indeed, «AirDroid» you can replace a lot of third-party software.

« AirDroid »- quite a handy program for those who want the presence of a stable and fast Internet connection link together computers and mobile devices for handling data of different nature. What good is such an opportunity – you can in case you lose your smartphone or tablet to find it on a map, remotely lock and wipe all data. Naturally, if you specify the desired item in the settings. And what’s right with a computer monitor and can make calls and send messages – it’s all just a fairy tale. Thus, the task of combining the functions of two devices with proper use of the program «AirDroid» can be quite simple. Of course, in the right hands.

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