Monday, December 30, 2013

Google installs on cars Android - - Editorial Business News

Google install on cars Android

Google is going to integrate Android into cars. According to Wall Street Journal, the joint work on the development of “infotainment systems” being with the company Audi, and this will be officially announced at the Consumer Electronics Show in January.

In addition, participation in collaboration manufacturer Nvidia graphics cards should be to “consolidate the Android as an important technology for future vehicles,” the source said WSJ. The main goal – to give the passengers and the driver of car access to applications that are currently available on Android-smartphones.

This summer it became aware of the initiative to integrate the Apple iOS in the dashboard of cars. Competitor Google already has the support concerns Daimler, Mercedes-Benz, Honda Motor and BMW AG. So, Honda launched new models that allow the driver to use Siri via the car radio: read e-mail or text messages, check the weather, use the navigation system, without being distracted by your smartphone.

Thus, if an integrated system of Honda and Apple smartphone requires a connection to the car, Google is another concept – operating system should be completely autonomous.

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