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[The competition] How to set up 4G from Beeline on Android. Use ShowServiceMode - Ferra

  • Developer : Jaken’s laboratory
  • Price : 58,32 rubles
  • Tested on : Samsung Galaxy S4 active
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Recently, the market has a lot of smartphones with support for 4G. But despite the fact that the big three labored comprehensive LTE, take full advantage of this type of communication may just not all. You can certainly talk about politics in small companies, the boundless love Beeline with Apple, the boundless zeal and MegaFon about trying to sublimate this jealousy with Samsung, but sometimes it happens much touchdowns.

So, at Samsung (and other Android) has a problem. Due to lack of proper firmware pampered high-speed Internet could, until recently, only the owners of contracts from Megafon. But we can, and Beeline subscribers.

Not so long ago in my hands was a cute” baby »- Samsung Galaxy S4 Active. Great, like, model – and underwater shoots, and dust / dirt and everything else is protected – but connect on this devayse 4G from Beeline proved quite difficult. The fact that the phone settings simply no choice cherished network.

 The absence ; consequence 4G on Samsung Galaxy

to dance with a tambourine, I still managed to undoubtedly find one useful application – ShowServiceMode. Frankly, for me and for the Support of Beeline, and even the “experts” from Samsung, it was a revelation. A cheap small utility allows you to quickly get into the “secret” phone settings and activate the same 4G, which just does not want to run with bilaynovskoy Simcoe.

utility called

When you start the application you will see here this screen:

first screen

Then you need to press «Run with above settings choosed». She even let you run the basic settings. The first step here is a screen will appear.

It is necessary to sequentially select« LTE Band Prefences »

and then «Band Pref: LTE ALL»

Thereafter device miraculously begins to catch 4G …

If you are out of coverage 4G, it is necessary to find a place where it will catch and wait smartphone registers in the network.

Rest easily fixable. Again we go into the program and click successively «Automatic» and «Automatic» (see screenshots below)

Everything after that our device itself will choose the correct network depending what kind of signal is available.

I must say, since the phone just flies, despite assurances from the “producer” that works for 4G, we have to wait another month or two until our “Korean friends” did not give birth to the new firmware. Now I use and incredibly pleased with it. I hope that will help you. The case for small – go out and buy mobilku with 4G …

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