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How to save battery on Android - Part Two, software - Ferra

first part we have been together with you. She did not require effort from us, as it does not contain anything complex. Extremely simple farewell, which can be implemented with the phone, barely pulled out of the box. If you use the unit on Android for about a month of time, you know a lot about apps, Google Play and little realize what applications are vital to the phone, and what – not much time for you to learn about the applications that will help to keep your battery in the living state much longer. And as mentioned in the immortal movie “Kin-Dza-Dza” – “Fiddler is not needed.” Not only a violinist, and Root-law, and … yes, we do not need at all. All you need to: Google Play and hour of your free time, but the result will be an increase in battery life by 20 percent, which is very, very solid.

integrated work with a battery: Saving battery on Android

Developer: TACOTY CN
Price: free
Tested on: Acer Iconia B1 16 Gb
Link to: Google Play

Sometimes it’s a giant set of functions can be stick in one two-word command. On this principle, flowers and smells all the programming when the fiendishly complicated tasks are performed by the user with two mouse clicks. conserves works on the same principle, but if the common people programmers often blamed lobotryasnichestve and doing nothing, this program such accusations are unlikely to get your address.

The last lesson was devoted to those things which are already planted smartphone when you first start. GPS, Wi-Fi, 3G Bluetooth, screen brightness and ate daily rate of battery and three days ahead of her. conserves makes disconnection of all such functions, bringing a lot of clicks to one simple button – “Energy».

Imagine case: night, street, lamp, drugstore you expect an important call, but your smartphone, since in charge to judge the time has come to bed. And by all means you should not become a unit hold in the minds of literally half an hour. conserves will help you perfectly, because a single program button completely disables all active technology transfer, except for the cellular communication.

Bluetooth? ‘ve Lived without a headset. Wi-Fi? Internet life is not so necessary. 3G? Not fatal without a couple of hours exist. GPS? And like you do not know your location! The program logic is simple but spotless. And while battery life is increased by ten percent if conserves has served its purpose at least half.

pleasant surprise will be a determination of the rate of charging the battery cables or network . Three modes – fast, long and complex charging – will help you determine if your device by which the unit will charge faster and more efficiently.

Rapid lighting control: screen brightness

Developer: RubberBigPepper
Price: free
Tested on: Acer Iconia B1 16 Gb
Link to: Google Play

At the century has seen a lot of Android applications to control display brightness. That’s really what TFT-displays forever saddened owners, so it’s insane amount of amps, departing on the backlight screens. IPS and LED in this plan would save the day, if not for the price. But even clear hints that actually stands for backlit monitor, the majority of people perceived through the ears bleed. Oppose this program was designed screen brightness , which simplifies the process of changing the backlight level of complexity to the kindergarten.

Imagine external widget that works regardless of the program in which you are. Tiny strip obeying even one finger, but I backlight from 100 to 16 percent of maximum. Why the minimum threshold is 16% rather than 25% or 3%? The answer is simple – the numbers can be adjusted!

It program settings screen brightness strong like Hercules. Location slider to change its color and transparency can be customized to the exceptions list, which cancels the slider, you can personally add the desired program. Changing slider type, length, pitch and a lot of everything, including startup. You can even set the second pause before changing.

What will be the result of using the program screen brightness ? You at any time be able to add or subtract brightness to the desired value, without going to the extra menu settings without shuffling or domomucheny on labels. Control strip will be right at the top of the screen, exactly in the middle (if you do not change the location in the options). And so everything that goes with it, the user is free to change at the discretion of program settings.

can, incidentally, even set to zero (!) backlight completely turning off the screen, although the device will work. This feature offers great opportunities, for example, when viewing video from YouTube, if only sound. The main thing – do not forget where the slider. If the experiment is not hunting, 2% brightness as the minimum threshold would be enough.

Regular readers who remember the first part, may ask a legitimate question – the program actually creates a widget, and widgets, as mentioned earlier, are included in the cohort gluttonous to battery applications. In principle this is true, but the simplicity screen brightness reduces appetite application to the subsistence level, and timely adjustment of the backlight completely covers all the cons.

Those who constantly forgets that highlight the smartphone, in fact, can be changed, screen brightness will be saving straw. Besides that display lighting thrown half the battery, you can get used to, but a giant slider arbitrary color mozolyaschy eyes everywhere and always (if the list of exceptions is not fooled), will not forget. For that program plus in the overall standings.

Timely changing settings: Switching the phone

Developer: TACOTY CN
Price: free
Tested on: Acer Iconia B1 16 Gb
Link to: Google Play

The school, college or work – it does not matter. Anywhere there is a terrible beast called “regime.” He does not get enough sleep, your eyes will add a level of three bags of sleep deprivation, and step to the left and right leads in penalties such as dyads, fail, or even fines. The trouble is, it is not always our body is able to submit the schedule – Saturday and Sunday, for example, has long been considered the weekend, therefore these days easiest erring. On guard nerve cells dying in the process of being late, worth clients Switching between phone , which are understandable by name.

More on deep and Symbian Cleves had applications sound regulatory regimes over time. They were paid, and freely distributable, and are not particularly varied, but more to ask in the additive. The main task – namely, regime change phone time – application stably performed. Switching the phone is for a similar problem, but on Android, but not on Symbian.

Originally Switching the phone supports five modes “Standard”, “meeting”, “on the street”, “Busy” and “Work.” Each of them changes the call volume, the presence / absence of vibrating alert, turn on the Internet for your own needs. For example, “In the street” sets the volume and vibration standard (that is, more or less noticeable), but disconnects with additional data.

Mode” Busy “introduces included only One new option – “Flight Mode”, which eliminates the need to focus on the work. No call, no SMS, no Skype / Viber / WhatsApp will not, as the phone is temporarily transformed into a brick, does not know how to work with the reception and transmission of data of any type.

Standard modes can be change at the discretion, but the newly created and svezhepridumannye, can be set to Auto on. Want mode “Weekend” on Saturday and Sunday? Or, say, “At school” from 8.30 to 15.00 on weekdays? Enough to change the settings in one point, and the newly established regime will be activated in the time period specified by the user. So Switching the phone is useful and students, and students and working people.

Automatic startup programs: Autorun Manager

Developer: MobiWIA – AndRS Studio
Price: free
Tested on: Acer Iconia B1 16 Gb
Link to: Pretty obvious Please note that it would be: why not list closes takskiller? The answer is simple – to safety. Users without Root-rights can accidentally kill the wrong program, and if he would kill the one that it is necessary, not the fact that the phone does not run it a second later. And to start – ha ha – take more energy! Autoloader corrects this misunderstanding and Autorun Manager makes it unobtrusive and attentive to the user.

Are you familiar with a situation where Dorval first segment to the free Google Play, your phone is turned into unstoppable machine of five dozen programs that happened, and worked in the background? And even when they seem to be cut off part is not going away, superbly boarding battery? This surplus of Android, incorrigible, but they can be slightly smoothed. Autorun Manager will help in this.

program has two modes – normal, not using Root-law, and Pro-mode. The second is intended for experienced, which in aggregate will not turn brick. But we are still as usual enough. After such a difficult choice Autorun Manager will reveal to us the list of programs that start automatically, or have a claim to it. Immediately warned – do not be alarmed that the list could be ten percent of the total that you have installed on your phone. Android, he is …

Each program has a status text, showing its current status. Red marked applications that are not in the autostart, yellow – included at the moment. On the right hand may be positioned blue inscription “works”, which in turn means that the program is now active. Chances are that it system, and do not need to touch it.

In the settings you can select or uncheck the” Show System Applications, “and this action will join the list of programs, patients, painted orange. In most cases they can not be closed, even if you really want to – it requires Root-law.

But what to do with, say, Atcl_service? Hardly installed it from Google Play, but it sounds very much … name systemically. Let’s check out Worth It – just click on the program and to take two seconds to bring up a dialog box with options for action. We are interested in the item “Information Applications.” We go there and get into the program window from the application manager. If the program can be removed (do not stop, namely to remove!), Feel free to turn it off.

Generally, when you first start Autorun Manager in detail and clearly talk about that you can do, and what should be done. For which she is a big plus, and users – more chances to save battery without damage number.

Afterword. HTC Sense, the dazzling beach and the war against it

Each shell any manufacturer pulls your memory and your battery level. Typically, these indicators are directly proportional to the beauty that the user sees on the screen, but sometimes it goes too far. Yes, we are talking about Sense. This shell is divinely beautiful, smooth, comfortable and pleasant, but Damn her, what is it greedy! Tales that Android phone very quickly sits arose largely because Sense .

Can I turn it off in any way, without resorting to risky methods? Yes. Third-party launcher . It may be GO Launcher , and BIG Launcher , and a bunch of other less popular and stable. But they are only partially replace Sense, and in some cases – not replace general.

A more radical option is the so-called custom firmware phone. Pros and cons of it shall not describe, except to say that the savings charge when the power Sense is just one of the benefits. On the reverse side of the coin is full and unconditional LOSS OF WARRANTY on the phone. If you do not fear – 4PDA to help!

guide HTC recently decided to add the following in their phones opportunity disable Sense without any problems. While smartphones will work on a pure Android, and the shell will become the simple launcher, beautiful, but damn demanding.

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