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Dulingo for Android and iOS - Fight fire knock, language study language - Ferra

  • Developer : Duolingo
  • Price : Free
  • Tested on : Acer Iconia B1 16 Gb
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In the modern world there are two main language to communicate and know that people, regardless of their country of residence. It is true that English and, oddly enough, the Chinese. Language Albion takes its place for purely historical reasons, but its candidate Celestial prepared for accidents thirty years. And, besides, English has one feature – it is easier to learn than Chinese. Much easier. And the knowledge obtained during the study will help in understanding other languages: German, French, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese. And all thanks to the program Duolingo , opening new horizons in linguistics, without departing from the device with Android.

advance say the main drawback of the program – there is no Russian language. And Ukrainian too. It can neither learn nor as a basis for understanding others. Nevertheless, the available six foreign languages ??and, of course, English. Knowing at least one of them, the user can explore the rest. And there are already on the thumb track.

itself Duolingo is not developed as the rest of the program. From the very beginning, it had a significant element of the game. Slightly reminiscent MessagEasy Game , but just an idea. The learning process is divided into several levels, which have blocks of six or seven words. For example, the very first unit in teaching German language shows and tells how the English will sound and eat German word Frau, Junge and Mann together with an article.

study of these words tied to two dozen tasks. For example, specify what the word means one thing or another of the four candidates. By the way, there are pictures! Other jobs use the microphone (!) To which you want to repeat the phrase. Quite complex will absorb German words letter by letter, and some lessons have to be repeated several times.

Repetition, however, is the mother of learning and Duolingo more than insist on daily employment – by e-mail, specified during registration will be coming daily reminder emails about what you learn That’s a foreign language, and regular exercise are needed for this, as the air around the living on earth.

game elements – four lives – is actually a hidden work successfully with errors. Five wrong answers – begin anew the entire block. After each pass will be credited to the player … 10 XP, and a list of learned words will add six units. What is needed role system in the tutorial? Game element after all! Moreover, Duolingo holds a makeshift network of communication, through which you and your friends will be able to monitor each other’s successes. And so friendly competitions any task is converted to a full fun.

Progressive time requires a progressive approach. Duolingo meets all possible requirements to become the most famous program for learning foreign languages. Game approach is especially popular among young people and older people will remember with pleasure times a la “foot under the table” when Dendy was top entertainment industry. The only thing that the program is not enough to promote in the CIS – Russian language.

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