Sunday, December 29, 2013

11 best applications according to the development team Android - 3DNews

development team responsible for a Google operating system Android, spoke about the best, in their opinion, the applications. It comes to ranking Beautiful Design Winter 2013 Collection, which is published twice a year, in winter and summer. The main criterion that guided developers in the rating, was the design of the application interface. Despite the fact that it is quite a subjective element, you can always call beautiful and ugly applications.

the first place in the rankings comes from Timely Service Bitspin .

The second

– Circa, news reader.

In third place

application Etsy, which gives the user the opportunity to meet and purchase handmade goods.

fourth place Airbnb, an application that is a social network for people who rent their homes to travelers. Accordingly, by using this service, people can look for a removable housing at the time of travel.

In fifth place

The Whole Pantry – an unusual application for people who prefer to only healthy foods without sugar and gluten.


list looks like this:

6. Runtastic Heart Rate Pro

7. Tumblr

8. Umano

9. Yahoo! Weather

10. Grand St.

11. Pinterest

All applications can be downloaded from Google Play and myself to check whether they are so good.

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