Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Released an application for double installation Ubuntu Touch and Android - Computer Information Portal

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currently involved in the development of the mobile operating system, Canonical Ubuntu Touch is going to present a solution that allows you to load it into device with OS Android. This week the company announced the release of the preliminary version of the software. According to a press release, to be able to dual boot only needs to install and run under written Android app that will allow the user to quickly switch between the two platforms. After selecting the operating system you must reboot the machine.

This application will run on both versions of Stock Android, and firmware with third-party developers, including the already downloaded 10 million times Cynogenmod. It requires Android 4.2 version or higher.


If the application process is simple, then installing it is not so rosy as before us is not the final version of the application. It requires the “bootloader» (bootloader) unlocked the Nexus 4 (probably other Nexus devices are also suitable, but with them the application is not tested) included USB-mode debugging, 2.7 GB of free space on your computer Ubuntu OS and tools ADB.

Although the likelihood that something will go wrong, is small, in the case of such an unpleasant turn of events the user has little to be able to influence, since the recovery partition will be overwritten Android. Description of the installation process (in English.) Represented here, and download the program here

Author: Alex Altukhov • SOURCES: techspot.com • Published: 25.12.2013

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