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Decoration Android, built in an art form. Part 2 - Computerra-line

Mobile Guide to Android
Author: Nikolai Masluhin December 17, 2013

One of the most noticeable benefits of Android – the opportunity to arbitrarily change the desktop appearance and lock screen. Eighteen months ago, Andrew told Writing about the wonderful site Mycolorscreen.com, allowing not just look at the samples of different customization options for the appearance, but also read the detailed instructions on how to achieve this result itself.

Buzz Launcher: December Orazio Android, erected structed in use rank & # x43A; usstva

Unfortunately, often the problem lies in the fact that, despite the detailed explanations, not all get set up the phone, as in the example. Still fit widgets – a thin piece. So today we will focus on the application Buzz Launcher, allows you to automatically “pull” on your phone any of the topics presented in the database. And them there, the assurances of authors, more than 100 thousand.

First let’s define that a Launcher. Among Android so called GUI operating system. In fact, the user is faced with it every time unlock a phone and gets to the desktop. Launcher can be a standard (being part of a “clean” version of Android), issued by the manufacturer (the most obvious examples – TouchWiz from Samsung or Sence, with devices running HTC) and user. As a rule, the last pose of Google Play, when the functions of standard desktops no longer satisfy the owner’s smartphone. Buzz Launcher is classified installed desktops, and it would not be noticeable on the background of a much more functional counterparts, if not for one thing: he, like Mycolorscreen.com, allows you to find thousands of diverse desktops something is really beautiful, and then one tap on the screen to install it yourself.

What makes

Buzz Launcher? Having established himself, he runs the “default theme” – a normal image and standard buttons.

Buzz Launcher: decoration Android, at & # x437; REFERENCE wounds Mr. Art

Default theme.

then running setup Buzz Launcher (left button in honor of Christmas stylized toe), you can select the topic that interests you. In fact, you use at someone published desktop.

Buzz Launcher: decoration Android, at & # x437; REFERENCE wounds Mr. Art

Selection of the proposed topics.

chosen theme (downloaded in one tap), you tickler necessary widgets. For example, like this:


see a square with an arrow coming out on the widget date and time? This is a signal that the widget is not installed. Clicking on it brings us to Google Play. After installing the application, you must touch the icon again and give permission to install: a widget to put the right size and with the correct settings.

interesting that, in addition to the widgets themselves can swap applications, place in which the topic was marked out. For example, in the Social tab, I automatically put labels on the Facebook application and WhatApp, but the application Twitter, which I do not use, and remains gray. But we need only click on it, as we are again redirected to the market.

Buzz Launcher: decoration Android, at & # x437; REFERENCE wounds Mr. Art

A small portion of the topics presented in the catalog.

As mentioned above, in order to process a lot of really (including originally in Russian), so you can experiment for hours. We should not forget that you can always switch to the launcher, that you had to Buzz. To do this, go to the menu “Phone Settings” and in the “General” switch to the usual desktop. So you can safely experiment.

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