Thursday, August 21, 2014

Why buy Android-smartphone with your girlfriend? –

 samsung galaxy s5

Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, and girls – iPhone. Blame – lack of awareness of the fair sex in matters of the OS with a green robot and devices that run on it. If your girlfriend tearfully begs to give her latest creation of Apple – do not rush to fulfill her request. Several arguments in favor of Android devices if not lead to joint install CyanogenMod long autumn evenings, but make sure the chosen one to reconsider their views on smartphones.

Front camera


If you are tired of the 101st time to photograph your passion bestowed with a bouquet of flowers or a cat, you can ask her to choose a smartphone with a great camera for selfie. No 5, much less an 8-megapixel front photo module can not boast of any iPhone! Some of the manufacturers of Android-smartphone in the desire to win the female audience went further by equipping your product a second flash for night portraits and proprietary software for image processing in real time.

A variety of design

 Xiaomi Mi4

The days when phones were considered as the lot of white women who have sunk into oblivion. With a light hand Motorola Android smartphones may be all the colors of the rainbow and more! Replacement covers for your gadget, you can change the color of the dress without increasing the thickness of the device. By the trend already joined OnePlus and Xiaomi, whose flagship Mi 4 has a huge collection of the rear panels.

express his “I»

With Android girls will have more opportunities for self-expression than wallpaper changer desktop wallpaper and screen lock. Numerous widgets, launchers and themes to help decorate your gadget lover and pink, and admirers of minimalism – it would wish.


Ease of

If your girlfriend wants to listen to your favorite album of Beyonce using a smartphone, it may well cope with it on their own – simply by connecting the device to a PC as a USB-drive. So, a lecture on “How to use iTunes» You can skip.


xperia c3

Yes, modern flagships on Android did not cheaper than top devices on other operating systems, but focused on damsels smartphones often have a more attractive price tag, which means that the difference could be spent on something expensive girl’s heart, and every girl knows that a new phone and shoes, much better than just a new phone!


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