Thursday, August 14, 2014

Android-smartphone control nearly 85% of the market –

Analysts IDC summarized the results of the second quarter in terms view of the dynamics of the smartphone market and set them operating systems. First of all, for the first quarter has sold more than 300 million. Smartphones – to be more precise, 301,300,000. Pieces. This is 25.3% more than the year before. The market is still almost unchallenged control the two operating systems: Android and iOS (96,4% in total), although the proportion of the latter and reduced (from 13% to 11.7% for the year). By the way, this is happening against the backdrop of moderate growth in sales volumes iPhone (12.7%), indicating that the “dilution” of the market share iOS smartphones running Android due to higher growth in sales volumes.

The Android platform sure steps increases his advantage: the year the market share of the relevant smartphones increased from 79.6% to 84.7%, while the volume of sales of smart phones increased by 33.3%. The largest manufacturer of Android-smartphone remains Samsung, although its share for the year fell from 40% to 29.3% under the onslaught of Chinese competitors. According to IDC, in the second quarter, 58.6% of all sold Android-smartphone fell in price niche “to $ 200,” it is they need to give thanks for the continued expansion of the platform. With the launch of Android One initiative in countries with growing market there will sturdy smartphones costing less than $ 100, and it will only exacerbate the downward trend in prices.

Windows Phone though remains the third most popular operating system for smartphone market share for the year is reduced from 3.4% to 2.5%. However, when compared with the previous quarter, the dynamics will be positive. In the second half of the number of supporters of Windows Phone smartphone manufacturers must increase. Interestingly, the share of smartphones costing less than $ 200, this platform even surpasses Android (61,4%), but it has the highest percentage of smartphones in cost from $ 200 to $ 400 (24.9%) when compared with the other two the most popular platforms. Itself, iOS while building its prosperity on smartphones costing more than $ 400 (84.6%), while the remaining 15.4% – a model of the iPhone cost $ 200-400 without a contract. Will Apple play loses its position in the third quarter due to the release of new models of smartphones, while difficult to predict.

Although the transition from the first to the second quarter of BlackBerry managed to slightly increase the volume of sales in the medium term, the company continues to dive – for year its market share declined from 2.8% to 0.5%. Beginners type of operating system Tizen is still not much chance of successfully confront Android. As experts IDC, application developers inertia and unwillingness to risk forcing them to rely mainly on iOS and Android, and because all attempts smartphone manufacturers to draw attention to other platforms do not have much success.


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