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Overview android-tablet Xiaomi MiPad –

Device Type

Xiaomi MiPad

Operating System
Android 4.4

Body Materials

7.9 “, IPS, 2048 x 1536, 324 ppi

NVIDIA Tegra K1, 2.2 GHz (4 cores)

The video
Microarchitecture Kepler
(192 CUDA core)


Permanent memory, GB

Connectivity and Data Transfer
USB 2.0, Wi-Fi (b / g / n / ac),
Bluetooth 4.0

Cameras, IP
Basic 8, a front 5

Battery mAh

Basic sensors and sensors
light sensor, proximity sensor, accelerometer, gyroscope

Dimensions, mm
135.4 x 202.1 x 8.5

Weight, g

Price, RR
~ 12500/14000

Tablet Xiaomi MiPad is one of the first gadgets on the market with the new chip Tegra K1, worth getting to know him better.

Packing and equipment

The users who are familiar with the products of Xiaomi, box MiPad present no any surprises. All the same hard cardboard design flat rectangle. The entire structure is designed with an emphasis on the strength of the frame, so that the parcel has withstood all the hardships in transit.

450x361 76 KB. Big one: 1500x1205 642 KB

On the back side are brief specifications.

450x354 86 KB. Big one: 1500x1181 674 KB

Hero review covers a total area of ​​interior space and covered with a protective film, equipped with latch for easy removal apparatus. Hidden compartment under it with accessories.

It includes:

  • Charger (5V, 2A);

  • Cable microUSB;

  • Instruction with a paper clip.

450x328 85 KB. Big one: 1500x1096 648 KB

There is nothing unusual, traditionally a manufacturer does not spoil their customers with additional accessories, so as not to increase the cost of the device. On the other hand, the official website you can always find a bunch of extra items that stimulates sales.

Appearance and design

Of course, speaking at the beginning of “his vision” of the tablet, not without some guile. If Apple iPad mini Retina version would be «C» in plastic, then MiPad could be called a clone of one hundred percent of this unit. On the one hand, you can sarcastically clicked his tongue, on the other – only enough to copy a good gadget, it is necessary also to consider the little things.

We have before us a tablet with rounded edges and smooth contours rear surface.

317x450 64 KB. Big one: 1058x1500 681 KB

For a half years that have passed since the release of the original, users had become accustomed to such a design. It can even be called clean as the eye there is nothing to cling to.

331x450 60 KB. Big one: 1104x1500 627 KB

At the edge of the front surface of the main body is the stroke, the rest surface covered with a protective glass with oleophobic coating. Off the edge of the screen to find the housing is not a problem. Yet a small air gap in the display is.

In the upper left corner is the logo of the company seems to have not mixed. The center of the eye is visible in the front of the camera. Between it and the logo can be considered a light sensor, and a little to the right – an indicator of missed messages.

303x450 60 KB. Big one: 1011x1500 722 KB

LED lit dimly, the angles can and do miss flashing lights. In the settings of the system provided the item is responsible for the nomination of color, which will glow diode for incoming notifications.

450x223 62 KB. Big one: 1500x743 508 KB

The machine uses hardware touch buttons control system, it is a striking contrast to the majority of android-tablets. Location of atypical: “Recent Apps”, “Home”, “Back”. The middle button is decorated to match the corresponding element in the model of Apple.

elements are illuminated brightly, though in sleep mode devoid of visual design. Pressing accompanied by pleasant vibration, any problems with the responsiveness from the touch pad is not.

450x218 56 KB. Big one: 1500x728 506 KB

On the back of the eye is the main camera, framed by a metal ring, which acts as a visual ornament and a small serving of protection.

305x450 52 KB. Big one: 1016x1500 588 KB

Next to it is possible to detect the opening of a microphone, and you can see the side of another. Such a close location a bit unusual, it would be logical to place a second microphone somewhere on the front side. But the bottom-set member is not necessary because there are arranged in stereo speakers hidden behind the perforation.

On the left side you can see the slot for microSD card, made in an uncharacteristic performance. Plastic basket firmly holding the carrier, the probability of jamming during such a construction is extremely small.

450x31 16 KB. Big one: 1500x104 64 KB
 450x288 49 KB. Big one: 1500x960 391 KB

The right side has placed the physical elements: volume rocker and power button / unlock. Plastic buttons protrude slightly above the surface and have a clear way, to press requires little physical impact.

450x37 13 KB. Big one: 1500x123 57 KB

The top side is 3.5 mm jack for connecting a wired headset.

450x52 15 KB. Big one: 1500x175 81 KB

At the bottom end alone fit out microUSB.

450x46 18 KB. Big one: 1500x153 83 KB

On the one hand, the choice of the aspect ratio of 4: 3 may be perceived negatively, especially if you are fond of watching movies on the road. Overall, however, this proportion, in my opinion, it is optimally suited for tablets. Due to the thin frames, upright device may well be hard to keep even a small hand, although a special need in this.

By reducing the side members, the tablet Xiaomi aesthetically pleasing, with a total ergonomics is not affected. Surface dimensions, namely 135.4 to 202.1 mm, feels like it should be. Of course, if the tablet is more elongated on the aspect ratio, it would be better suited to hold his hand, but it would be appropriate with respect to smartphones. A tablet, anyway, use two hands. Thickness of the device is 8.5 mm. Due to their smooth forms unit fits the palm of even weight.

As a gadget for daily use Xiaomi MiPad I liked. It is worth noting that some of this and some of the other reviews written from him, and on the go. The main drawback in that case are touch buttons. In the upright position, they do not cause problems, but with a horizontal orientation, especially in active games can often be accidentally pressed. However, the system supports them off after a string of notification.

450x330 77 KB. Big one: 1500x1100 511 KB

To the assembly have a couple of complaints. In my case, at certain places there was punching the edges of the glass inside the body. This is not critical, since in normal use of the tablet is not felt. The bottom surface of the cover when you hear a characteristic bursting creak, but the daily work of encounter with him I had no chance. But these points are specific to the model and the overall feel of use do not affect.

The rear surface is made of plastic, which is similar to that used in the iPhone 5c. Material specific. In my hands, he is confident, not slipping in the hands even at steep angles. But a colleague feelings were opposed because the device still slid. But from the standpoint of wear resistance to the surface of questions asked. Gadget if you can damage, then only on a good fall. Scratches easily placed, but without careful look hard to spot them.

450x300 85 KB

In review arrived in a white version of the performance, in addition it is available and several different colors: yellow, pink, black, green and blue.

450x229 39 KB

It is true that at the moment it is planned to separate colors depending on network support LTE.


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