Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Net Applications: iOS users to 7 times more active owners Android – 3DNews

Platform Android takes 85% of the market by number of units sold, while iOS owns 11.9%. But despite a 7-fold nominal supremacy, Android-devices, according to Net Applications, occupy 44.62% of the traffic of mobile devices, and iOS accounted 44.19%, ie there is almost parity.

Android the first time was able to get around iOS in a regular study, but these statistics figures are a vivid illustration of the differences between users of Android and iOS in terms of activity in the network – a 7-fold superiority of iOS. These indicators are an important criterion in assessing the attractiveness of platforms for developers and online services. These estimates may be hiding some mistakes, but the overall trend of higher activity iOS users is observed in many similar studies.

While Android continues to attract more active users, this process is rather slow. Android – a platform for the less affluent, among them a large number of people wanting to buy a smart phone and do not seek to make maximum use of its capabilities.

Thus, when evaluating the attractiveness of a platform is not always guided by market share it is often necessary to take into account statistical information on the nature of use of these devices and platforms. Bet on the largest ecosystem may not always bring the best financial result.


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