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The most expensive smartphones: Android for a million –

Perhaps, it is difficult to find a more conservative and slowly growing field of IT-industry than luxury smartphones. Even today, 80 percent of portable electronics for communication in the price segment “no upper limit” – a simple mobile phone, mainly on the S40 and other unknown or obsolete operating systems. And why? Because those who buy such devices usually do not think any of the “stuffing” or on the software.

But the progress still can not hide, even in cases of gold with diamonds. Therefore, slowly but surely, in Laksheri segment begin to penetrate the terrible words «Android» and even «3G». So far, the only 3G, LTE as to most smartphones and phones that are sold at the price of a new car, still have not grown.

Vertu Ti

It is logical that in the first place (for the price) – icon pathos called Vertu. If you hear the phrase “prohibitively expensive smartphone,” it is possible to think immediately about Vertu, since a wide range of chic appearance, but not very “smart” in “spin-off» Nokia presented throughout the global market, including the type of auction eBay, in abundance.

About Vertu Ti, in fact, a lot, and do not tell. Specifications at it – at the level of extra-smartphone. LTE not have 3G; resolution 3.7-inch screen – WVGA, also in the presence of 1 GB of RAM and vosmimegapikselnaya camera. Well, 64 GB of internal memory – the only positive thing in all of this.

Vertu Ti

There is no proprietary interface shell is not here” naked »Android OS 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich with minimal changes. In general, in this case is much more interesting: what made the body of various modifications of this model, and that makes the price prohibitive.

For example, the model Vertu Ti White Alligator: Brushed or polished titanium, polished black pottery, black crocodile leather. Diamonds, as you can see, there is no (there is one ruby, but about it later). But the touch screen is covered by a sapphire crystal, because it does not scratch and does not fight (except that if you really really try). There is a modification of Black Alligator (also with elements of an alligator, but a different type), Black Leather (leather with simple elements) and the most expensive modification – Black PVD Titanium Red Gold Mixed Metals (black titanium case with PVD coating of red gold) for the price inexorably approaching one million rubles.

Build – fully manual, and not in China some, and in the UK. All prints are signed master who did it.

But the material – that’s not all. To each of the devices attached Vertu well as various services that will make being in the world “elite” as comfortable as possible. Ranging from support SIM-cards of all sizes. It is realized, however, quite primitive: using the provided adapter, where you can insert your micro-SIM or nano-SIM card.

Vertu Ti White Alligator

But the bulk of the services implemented by the present made of ruby ​​above button Vertu. For example, service Vertu Concierge: a powerful call center, where you are dealing with human beings and solve all your problems around the clock. Vertu Certainty service protects personal data of the owner, and, as they say, and the owner himself, too: dealing with this partner company PSG, which can provide you with even a personal detective. Probably, it is to call the police or a private security service, or all at once. Vertu Life offers a variety of deals for entertainment Owner: something like a coupon aggregator, only for the rich.

By the way, just so you can most easily distinguish real from fake Vertu. The latter has no services and ruby ​​buttons will not.

Vertu Constellation

Another representative of Vertu – model Constellation, which was created at the same time as the inexpensive Vertu (unless this phrase can be used in general in the same sentence), and as a “female” model. Although pink shells with rhinestones in no other line, for some reason it stuck this division. Constellation also be called a more modern model than Ti, and it is really designed to account for the mistakes made in the previous model.

Externally, these are the same high quality components: the base model has a titanium case, which is covered with calf leather, glass – sapphire, side key – ruby. The price tag on the Constellation range from i 178 to 260 thousand. Depending on the finish and the materials used. For maximum cost housing will have stainless steel and covered with green leather alligator poor finish of tsavorite – a rare species of African bright green garnets.

The configuration has a more modern: Qualcomm Snapdragpn MSM8960T, 13-megapixel rear camera, screen HD-resolution. RAM is 1 GB internal – 32 GB (23 available to the user) and all the necessary sensors available. Operating system – the usual Android 4.2.2.

Vertu Constellation

Services almost all those same: Vertu Life and Certainty, but Concierge is already out. However, if you’ve been a customer Vertu earlier, this service you will have. In addition, the presence of such pleasant things as encrypted calls, passwords to Wi-Fi hotspot worldwide installed Kaspersky Mobile Security. While selecting the type of SIM-card is not here: micro and only micro (with adapter nano-SIM, however, can be bought for 100-200 rubles a cellular shops).

However, the review also found a very high quality Audio: as speakers and a microphone. But for the money it is quite natural, as we think.

By the way, soon launched a new line of smartphones by Vertu for Bentley. Probably, it will again be something incredibly luxurious and not very modern specifications.


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