Saturday, August 9, 2014

Android users for the first time surpassed iOS in terms of traffic – – Editorial Business News

Mobile users with the Android operating system in July for the first time overtaken in terms of total Internet traffic users who prefer products from Apple. According to the site

Netmarketshare, Android’s share in the total volume of traffic processed by mobile devices in July was 44.62% against 44.19% for iOS.

The graph shows that in June, iOS was leading by a margin of almost 2%, but in July Android’s share rose nearly 1%, while iOS outperformed about 1.5% of its traffic.

Android share in the global mobile traffic in recent years, growing steadily. According to the earliest observations Netmarketshare, in August 2012 for such gadgets accounted for only about 21% of traffic at 66% for iOS.

devices based on Android has long captured the world leader in total sales, but actually more active on the Internet until recently always been users of products Apple.


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