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Every week (on Tuesdays), we talk about the most important, interesting and significant events that occurred with Android and Android-applications in the last seven days.
Our iOS digest here. Digest Windows Phone here.





Over (35 rubles) – artsy photo editor that boasts millions of iOS-users (where he appeared for a long time). It is intended specifically to add to the already captured images of the inscription. These inscriptions can be configured any way you like: change the font, rotate, painted in different colors, increase or decrease in the scale … Inside the application is also sold kits with new fonts and styles inscriptions. Some functions such as turning inscriptions and save images at full resolution appeared in Android-application earlier than the iOS-version.



quest The Inner World (160 rubles) – a game that came out earlier this year on iOS, Windows and Mac OS, and managed to earn several awards in his native country developers, Germany. The protagonist of The Hidden World, musician simpleton named Robert, lives in a huge city Aspoziya, which is located in the cavity of the earth’s crust. Air it comes with three “air fountains” that suddenly stop working. Robert, of course, need to save his friends and his native city from disaster. Hilarious dialogue (unfortunately, no Russian translation), tricky puzzles (there are hints system) and hand-drawn world – basically, all the necessary ingredients for a cozy quest.



Role platformer Devious Dungeon (65 rubles) – another nice game with retro graphics from Noodlecake. Like other studio projects, a convenient control. Invites players to explore randomly generated levels in five worlds, collect trophies from slain enemies (weapons, equipment, and other useful items), with interesting fight bosses, NPCs to perform tasks. There game achievements and Google Play, one of which, for example, requires the passage of 5000 levels. For hardcore platformer fans!



Skateboard simulator Epic Skater (free) for those for whom Transworld Endless Skater was too complex and difficult. There is only one line on which rides on a skateboard the protagonist, but also has a variety of tricks rather simple operation tapami and swipe and colorful visuals reminiscent hugely Subway Surfers . On the project, as is the case with Transworld Endless Skater, bother people who at one time worked out Tony Hawk Pro Skater 2 , so try Epic Skater worth everyone who admires hilflipami teylgrabami and professional skaters.



Racing radio-controlled cars RE-VOLT 2: Multiplayer (free) – redesigned PlayStation 1 game era in which last appeared multiplayer mode (up to four players, a new single-player campaign while also equipped ). Very precise control, bright 3D-graphics, a lot of different machines, their system upgrades, and unfortunately, as many as three (!) Form in-game currency, which can be like buying for real money and earn by inviting friends to the game of social networking and viewing advertisements.



Puzzle Snap Attack (free, but with ads) – word game from Microsoft, ported to Windows. Players need to move the blocks on the field with the letters and make words out of them. However, some blocks can not move and think faster makes unforgiving timer. Nothing special, but certainly play with friends would be interested. Unfortunately, the Russian language does not support.





beta messenger WhatsApp (it can not be found in Google Play, but you can manually download from the official site of the developer,, www.whatsapp.com / android) added support for devices running Android Wear . Now browse ordered notice and respond to voice messages, you can use smart hours.



little updating social networking application Vine added new notification settings. Furthermore, the quality of videos taken with the Android-application was higher. Developers, however, do not report on how it achieved its improvements – increase video bitrate, new postprocessing algorithms or simply increasing the resolution. Naturally, their quality is the same as a whole depends on the camera of your mobile device.



Annex Coursera , which is a great help for students and those who want to learn some other application or theoretical discipline, thanks to an upgrade to version 1.2 to support devaysa Chromecast . If you have a small Google-device, now you can watch lectures Coursera right on your TV. Also added to the application landscape mode display for smartphones and offers one-button rewind 10 seconds in the video player. In addition, the developers have improved the speed and stability of their offspring.



application equalizer with a boring name Equalizer has been updated to version 4.0. It completely changed the interface, which now follows the guideline Material Design – the application is almost ready to release Android L (Material Design many features simply can not be implemented in the current version of Android). No changes in functional applications (5-band equalizer with 11 presets) did not happen.



Twitter-client Talon received this week a major update to version 2.6. It changed the developer Luke Klinker window writing tweets, application icon, some elements of the interface, added skin for Android L, the possibility of adding to the tweets animated GIF-images (displaying them is still not supported API), the ability to add multiple pictures via Twitpic, as well as increase productivity and improve application stability. Editorial APPS (represented by Nicholas tabs that thereby Talon and enjoys) approves!





In December 2010, Google has reduced the period of repayment of payments for applications from Google Play (then still Android Market) from 24 hours to 15 minutes. But yesterday, users of the service began to notice that the button “Return Payment” ceased to disappear within 15 minutes after purchase. Now is the time that Google gives a refund is 2:00. However, the support page for Google Play (https://support.google.com/googleplay/answer/134336?hl=ru) still indicates a span of 15 minutes. Most likely, Google or admitted any mistake or change in future tests on some users. Representative of the corporation in response to reporters’ questions, said that “the company usually extends Refund in case users have to download large amounts of data to install applications.” Perhaps the refund period will allow developers to regulate themselves.



Thanks to the site Android Police network has unofficial information that Google is working on a service Workshop , which is similar to the Motorola Moto Maker. It will allow users to choose their own housing and coloring the main screen wallpaper purchased from Google smartphone (now, as the source of information, Workshop works only with Google Nexus 5 ). The service will consist of two parts – MapMe and Moments . MapMe helps users select photos and interactive wallpapers based on their geographical location, and allow the use of Moments own photos from albums Google+ , as well as to place the device on the end of a personalized message. Sounds good, but hardly Workshop (if it exists) will work in Russia in the coming years.



rumors! Bloomberg tells us that Google may share services Google+ and « Google Photos ». Photo Service receive more autonomy, which should, according to experts, to attract more people in it, who would like to enjoy unique features like “Avtokreativa” and “history” (you have not tried? Necessarily try), but do not wish to register in the social network of the Internet giant. Officially Google does not comment on rumor, but her representative explained that the company is “always looking for new ways for the user to take pictures and share them with friends.” Recall that in late April of this year, Google went from Vic Gundotra, who headed the social network Google+. The network itself, despite the many unique features never won special popularity among users.



Developers CyanogenMod 11 released a new milestone-version (stable version) – M9. It adds support for new devices ( Sony Xperia Z2 , Sony Xperia Z2 Tablet and HTC One M8 ), increased the number of elements of the interface obeying a change order design, performance improvements, numerous bug fixes and added additional profiles Bluetooth A2DP.



cult role-playing game from the era of 16-bit consoles Secret of Mana will receive a full Android-port, as announced by the publisher of Square Enix. On iOS it came a few years ago, but Android developers ignored until now (most likely due to rampant emulators of old consoles, which was no problem in this same play Secret of Mana). As is the case with other similar ports, Secret of Mana will be different from the console version only converted in 1993 under the touch screen control. In Google Play it should appear this fall.


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