Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Asus publishes the image of its Android-hours –

Intention Asustek submit your worn on the wrist device running Android Wear at September’s IFA 2014 are not a big secret. This can be learned not only from the performance management of the company, but also due to appear in Asus’ Twitter “bait”.

As always in such cases, blurred silhouette of the device is accompanied by a catchy phrase. This time it was the quote from the work of the American poet and philosopher Kahlil Gibran Lebanese descent: “Time transformed, and we have changed.” Announcement of “smart clock” Asus is scheduled for September 3 – day “when burning fires rowan,” according to the works of another poet.

While on the device can be judged only for this picture, which is guessed rectangle with rounded corners. This means that the Asus prefers not to experiment with forms and not to imitate Motorola, and believes “smart watches” ideological heirs of simple electronic, most of which are limited to a rectangular shape plastic housing. Perhaps for the stated price which is lower than the competition, design refinements are too expensive overkill.

Recall that the leadership Asus did not expect much from the first generation of wearable devices, and expects growth in demand for such products only to the second half of next year. Perhaps in terms of functionality the debut version of Asus hours no surprise, but this can only be judged after its premiere.


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