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iOS 8 and Android L: who wins?

8743 | 02.08.2014

Android L

iOS 8

Recently, Apple introduced the eighth version of iOS, and Google showed the prototype of a new public Android, code-named “L”. Both live mobile OS beta testing, but adherents already being cross swords in the debate, which pulled ahead of the platforms in convenience and innovation. I confess that until recently I thought that comparing them is pointless. Previously, it was simple: if you want an emasculated platform designed perfectionists – buy an iPhone or iPad. If you need the freedom to choose the device and the ability to fine tune the system to yourself, look in the direction of Android. But soon these stereotypes can be sent into retirement.

   Android L

With the advent of KitKat became clear that Google is trying to deprive Apple of its main trump cards. Android has become more stable, clear and … stylish. In developing Android L authors focused on the visual component, presenting the so-called material design. For this concept, according to Google, is a whole philosophy. In short, this increased attention to the fonts, colors and a variety of harmonious interaction interface elements.

There deja vu: a year ago, Apple also updated the design seriously iOS, using the flat icons and the rainbow palette. And now it is the turn Google bring beauty. However, external embellishments did not stop. In Android L company has strengthened its main advantage – seamless integration with their own services.

In particular, changed job search. Now right in the SERP seen not only websites, but also applications that can immediately open. For example, if you search for flights, except that the airline will display the applications associated with the purchase of tickets.

multitasking menu displays not only applications, but also open tabs Chrome. This is logical, because those sites or other no less frequently used. So, you do not have to open the browser every time and search. Anew looks Manager running applications: an illustrative list with flipping around. Alerts also appear in a list – on the lock screen. Compared to the old notification bar is much more convenient.

By tradition, we guarantee a performance boost of 2-2.5 times. For this purpose, introduce an environment for running applications under naming ART. Autonomy also promised to “tweak”. To do this, Google launched “Project Volta”: developers will teach acting background applications rarely access the network, thereby reducing power consumption radios.

   iOS 8

Unlike Google, Apple almost touched design OSes, because its completely revamped a year ago. But there is a functional innovation. If Google is constantly expanding its relationship with its Android services, the iOS 8 tightly integrated with OS X. For example, sitting at a MacBook and clicking on the phone number in the browser, you automatically make a call with iPhone (who, incidentally, can remain in your pocket – as headsets deliver laptop).

convenient functions interactive notifications. User to provide an opportunity to reply to a message or email without going into the app – right out of the screen updates. By double-clicking the Home button system displays not only the running applications, but also frequently requested contacts.

appear alternative keyboards, including a “swipe” gestures and other “features done,” are so proud fans of Android.

Family Sharing provides family members access to purchases in iTunes, App Store and iBooks. Say, when your son wants to buy the game, you will see in your iPhone corresponding query that can accept or reject. If confirmed, the application will be bought, and your cards written off the money. Use the same game or application will be able to all members of the family (up to six people).

Finally, another innovation – the function and application HealthKit Health. It is assumed that the system will work in conjunction with external sensors from other manufacturers. With their help, iPhone can track the status of the user’s health: from the heart and ending with blood sugar levels. Stated even instantaneous transmission of information in the medical centers, if some of the parameters deviate from the norm.


What is the result? Subjectively, both OSes are becoming more similar to each other. Android is gradually becoming what “Yabloko” is always appreciated iOS – aesthetics, simplicity and convenience. In turn, iOS increases functionality and customization capabilities. Output of both OS beta increase the degree of competition between Apple and Google. Yet we buy exactly the device, not icons and crawfish. And because the main trump card in this fight will be the announcement of Android-smartphone at the IFA and the long-awaited premiere iPhone 6. Here we are waiting for intrigue.

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