Monday, August 25, 2014

Rumor: become aware of the full name of Android L – Ferra

The latest upcoming mobile devices running Android version at the moment – Android L. Since the announcement and it was mentioned all over the news as a single letter, but according to anecdotal information and speculation, soon may get the official full name that accurately appeal to all lovers of sweet.

 From the data obtained, the code name for Android L from Google – LMP. Foreign mass media have suggested that these three letters – short for dessert «Lemon Meringue Pie», which translated into Russian means “lemon meringue pie.” Since the previous version of Android also wore the names of popular delicacies, these rumors may well be partly believe it.

However, even if the information proves true, not the fact that in this form Android L gets to mainstream users – the name of a few weeks can still change a thousand times. Remains only one thing to do – wait for the official confirmation of the rumors from the representatives of Google. It is felt, is very long.


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