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Android – for young geniuses, iPhone – for beginners –

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Windows Phone – for creative, BlackBerry – for sociable. Last year on our planet has been sold a billion smartphones. Under the smartphones in this case refers to a device with a touch screen that can run applications and have the ability to access the Internet. According to OfCom, 51% of adults who already have smartphones. And this number is growing rapidly. If parents, despite all the warnings, yet decided to buy his younger daze smartphone, what is better to choose?

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Creative director of the magazine The Gadget Show Tom Dunmore, which refers to the British news portal Yahoo, says:

Apple – this glamorous brand. MacBook’om affluent families supply their children entering the universities. Many teenagers still prefer the BlackBerry for its messaging features. But for a family who is going to share music, photos, and conduct correspondence between multiple smartphones, the choice is between Android, Windows Phone, BlackBerry and iOS, and it depends on several factors. And the price – only one of them.

Despite the conventional wisdom, Apple iPhone is not the most popular. Apple has an important advantage, consisting in the fact that both the operating system and the device comes to the same company.

The developed by Google Android operating system is used by many different manufacturers. Samsung, Sony, LG and HTC are doing based on the OS various devices that work in different ways.

And now it is time to consider what the advantages and disadvantages have the most famous smartphone platform. Yes, in this case it is the “smart phone” instead of the whole cell. Tablets and other devices today will not be considered. Yahoo News UK columnist Rob Waugh was built a number of different qualities characteristic of the most popular mobile operating systems of today. These qualities allow us to make a number of conclusions about who and why you might need phone based on your particular operating system. In this case we are talking about choosing a phone for a teenager.



Most suitable « young Einstein ».


In Android-phone screens more, and young geniuses, computer scientists will be able to customize the appearance of the operating system to your liking. The iPhone is out of the question.

Widgets allow you to display useful information, including weather and received mail.

A large part of Android-devices less fragile than the iPhone. But on this issue should focus on the characteristics of the particular number.


Not all “Androids” are the same. Many manufacturers overload your device irritating applications. For example, the Samsung devices will always ask the user to create an account Samsung.

To access the basic features Android, you will need an account Gmail. Many embedded applications (eg, buying and editing of documents) “mounted” during this postal service.

Apple iPhone


Most suitable for novice users.


Apple iOS – the easiest-to-use operating system for smart phones (however, and any other mobile OS complex is difficult to call).

In the AppStore more applications than for any other mobile platform.

The small size of the screen iPhone (and bright colors “budget» iPhone 5C) make it visually appealing.

If you already have an Apple iPad, then the parents, using the password will be able to set limits and block certain functions (for example, the purchase of applications or access to the Internet).


iPhone 5S and 5C are brittle , and their screens are easily damaged.

Batteries iPhone non-removable. Since the touch screen is very heavy battery, eventually it worse “holding charge”. And there comes a day when the phone starts charging from just a few hours.

Movies, music and games for the Apple-devices are not compatible with devices from other manufacturers.



The most suitable is very sociable and incredibly sociable.


The new BlackBerry-device significantly different from their business-oriented users predecessors. BlackBerry Balance allows you to switch between the secure screen applications to work on the games and applications The BlackBerry Hub (a kind of universal “inbox” that combines e-mail, SMS, Twitter, Facebook and the like).


Shop BlackBerry Store was better than before, but the entertainment applications is still less than for Android and iOS.

Keypad BlackBerry Q10 not causes warm emotions, and the screen – and worse.

Windows Phone

Windows Phone

Most suitable to those who believe the most important part of your smartphone camera.


Phones based on Windows Mobile is incredibly simple. There is an application displaying tiles pop up help message, for example, when you receive an email or other text message.

After Microsoft bought Nokia, phones based on Windows produces the legendary Finnish company. And that means – a great camera. With the matrix up to 20 megapixels!

Windows-smartphones last longer without a recharge. Nokia software does not allow applications to waste “devour” energy.

Windows-phones support wireless charging, which did not become popular for most mobile devices. Just put your phone on a mat – and the energy stored in the battery eventually resumes.


Microsoft, of course, has equipped its latest Soup applications. Among them are popular, including Spotify and Netflix. But the services Google, including maps of the search giant, you will not find these phones.

Microsoft Application Store is improving, but you can not find there its usual application, especially if the developer – not too large company.

Gamers will be disappointed. Windows-telephone – is not Xbox, despite the general manufacturer. Many good games available to users of Android and iOS, are simply not available for this mobile platform. Needless to say, Microsoft is looking to the future, well, today its mobile platform is still too young for the background of the leaders in this market.

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What is a smartphone, in your opinion, is the best choice for a teenager? It is not just about a specific model, but also on the functions that must be supported smart phone user, too young to leave its digital culture without parental supervision? Does a role mobile platform or all depends solely on your phone?


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