Sunday, August 31, 2014

Surrealistic puzzle of lunatics Back to Bed appeared on the iOS and Android – 3DNews

The owners of devices running Android and iOS can now join the unusual three-dimensional puzzle Back to Bed from Studio Bedtime Digital Games. 5 August it became available in digital service Steam for Windows, Mac OS and Linux.

In this game you need to help gamers character named Bob (Bob), suffering from somnambulism, in a dream to get to his bed unharmed. Running his subconscious custodian on behalf of the Sub-Bob (Subob), they will have to find a way out of the maze of interlocking stairways and platforms, using different items and avoiding dangers. Despite the apparent simplicity, puzzle, say the developers, can be hardcore. You can verify this by selecting a difficulty mode Nightmare, addressed the smartest and patient players.

Back to Bed primarily notable level design, inspired by the paintings of the Dutch artist Maurits Escher (Maurits Escher). As a platformer Echochrome, FEZ and Pavilion , architecture structures, which moves the hero, “flirting” with the spatial logic and creates a special surreal atmosphere.

Whimsical game adds visual style, which is reflected in works of the great Spanish painter, graphic artist, sculptor, and directed by Salvador Dali. The choice of graphics solutions, according to developers, is also influenced by the work of cult American director David Lynch (David Lynch).

Back to Bed boasts a highly prestigious awards and nominations. She won in the category of student projects at the Independent Games Festival in 2013 and surpassed the competition in the category Guts & amp; Glory Award Dutch Game Awards 2012. Also, she managed to reach the final Nordic Game Indie Night 2012, check in at the nominees for the Unity Awards last year as the best student project and interest jury Casual Connect Europe 2014, which placed it in the category of “Best casual game consoles ».

Back to Bed is available in Google Play store for $ 3.99 (the Russian equivalent is equal to 145.47 rubles.). As for iTunes, then the game is not yet available when only American Section. The game will be able to run the owners iPhone, iPad and iPod touch with OS is earlier than version 4.3, but acceptable performance is guaranteed only to holders iPhone 5. In the mobile version, there are two ways to control – using the touch screen and virtual controller MOGA.



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