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Top Android-apps for sports

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Owners of Android-smartphone will not be difficult to find an application for any inquiries. Yoga classes or fitness, running or cycling, even badminton to tennis programmers are not paid attention, but most common craft, promising an “ideal press for two weeks” or “unique set of exercises for weight loss.” Unfortunately, among the many useless programs: The authors rely on the buyer’s desire to get for the money all at once. Understand this pile is not easy, so I will consider only proven applications.

Endomondo Sports Tracker

The most well-known program. And though it is designed for runners, it can be called universal: with equal success it enjoyed cyclists, kayakers and other athletes whose training related to the displacements. Not only monitors the distance, speed and duration of the workout, but also calculates calories burned. Is able to observe and the state of the body: by means of a biometric system is controlled by Polar WearLink heart rate. Provides an opportunity to join the community (more than 10 million users), where you can share and achievements, and find a partner for joint training.

Nike Training Club

The main application for fitness enthusiasts: it has social functions (audience of 11 million people) and advanced tools for creating your own training program. However, to start with individual graphics are not necessarily: available more than 100 sets of exercises designed for different tasks (for weight loss, building or strengthening various muscle groups, proper posture, and so on. D.). In this case, for each exercise, you can set the optimum runtime, it is that you have. Complement the functionality of the modules and the Nike + Running NikeFuel, allowing to estimate the effectiveness of training.

Just 6 Weeks

«Just six weeks separates you from the perfect figure!” – say the authors. But with a caveat: The app is designed to help those who are a little run itself, for example, during the winter period. Set of exercises, including push-ups, sit-ups and pull-ups, complemented by visits to the gym, as you will definitely be reminded. But if you decide to just learn how to do push-ups or catch up 100 times, no problem. Useful for an individual approach to the user: even for a running situation, the application can choose the optimal load schedule, but most of all, the gym will still have to attend.

AllSnow Ski Reports

very specialized program designed for fans of mountain slopes, skiers and snowboarders. In addition to maps of popular routes and write support with help of GPS-module, it is the possibility to control more than 2,000 ski resorts and inform the owner of the precipitation. Why? It’s simple: every skier knows that the best snow – freshly fallen, so that this information will serve as a signal to collect things and immediate departure. Additional assistance program will Tripster, through which you can select an optimal cost base or the hotel, as well as to form an opinion about them: there are descriptions and photos, contacts and schedule of work.

Zombies, Run!

While Google Glass did not become ubiquitous, augmented reality fans can enjoy this wonderful (although paid ) application for regular runs. It has a function navigator, odometer, time and calories. But the beauty is different: jogging combined with the game, where you have to get away from the zombies, collecting health packs, weapons and bonuses. Customize Player moans approaching undead, and the voices of the team members suggest which side they are and where the best move. Back home, it is necessary to immediately distribute to needy collected virtual property, avoiding the final victory over humanity zombies. You will experience an unforgettable experience during an evening jog.


Do not forget that any program only assistants and without your desire will not work. No recipes transformation into Superman does not exist, so do not get fooled by unscrupulous developers sugary promises – to achieve the perfect figure requires daily work at home, in the gym or even walking. However, to sweeten the pill game programs where you can earn virtual (and sometimes real) money or just turn unloved workout fun.

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