Friday, August 22, 2014

On Android released 18,796 different devices – BBC News

The fragmentation of the platform Android – that is, a variety of gadgets, which it operates – set a new record. According to the analytical report of OpenSignal, “green robot” provides the 18,796 different models of gadgets:

The range and prevalence of different Android-devices. OpenSignal data for August of 2014

In the last year at this same time, the figure was 11,868 units, that is, the range for the year increased by approximately 7 000 names. The data were obtained on the basis of statistics 682,000 application settings OpenSignal, which is used for “civil” monitoring coverage of cellular networks.

Most popular (by number of used smartphones) brands Android-devices. OpenSignal data for August of 2014

If you look at the distribution of the device by brand, the result is hardly surprising: 43% of all devices on which users set application OpenSignal, bear the logo of the Korean Samsung. In second place (with only 4.8% of devices) – LG, followed by Sony, Motorola, Huawei and other vendors.

As disparate looks and the picture in terms of operating system versions of Google. On this most recent “android”, KitKat 4.4, 20.9 percent of the total work involved in the study of gadgets. At the same time, the relatively recent version (4.0 or greater) using 86% of devices. For comparison, the latest version of OSes Apple (iOS 7.x) updated 91% “iPhones”.

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